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Bourdon-tube Manometer

Bourdon-tube manometers are devices for measuring pressure that is widely used in various circumstances to measure the pressure of the gas and liquid medium with high precision and easy reading advantages.  Diaphram devices can be added to assist the pressure measurement of the special corrosive medium.

Bourdon-tube Manometer List

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FAQ of Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge

How accurate are bourdon tube pressure gauge?

As a general rule a common plunge type gauge you would purchase will be accurate to + or – 3 psi when it is new. The accuracy of these different types of bourdon tube pressure gauges is also affected by temperature, humidity, and altitude. Note: Always check the tire pressure when the tires are cold, before traveling.

How does a bourdon type pressure gauge work?

Pressure tubes function by taking the pressure and converting it into mechanical energy. This energy moves a dial in our best air pressure gauge, displaying the current amount of pressure in the system. ... As pressure increases inside the tube, the force of the fluid attempts to straighten out the curved tube.

Can a bourdon tube gauge be used for oil?

Oil, water and air pressure gauges for sale are interchangeable, as long as the pressure you are checking doesn't exceed the gauge limit.

Is bourdon tube manometer the same as water pressure?

The difference is that water is an incompressible fluid — its density is almost constant as the pressure changes — while air is a compressible fluid — its density changes with pressure which needs a bourdon tube manometer to measure. Atmospheric pressure is the pressure exerted on a surface by the weight of the atmosphere (a compressible fluid) above it.

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