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The Importance of Monitoring SF6 in Gas Insulated Switchgear Equipment

In the field of power transmission and distribution, the safety and stable operation of medium voltage and high voltage switchgear is of paramount importance. These devices use different media for insulation, among which sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) , as a traditional and efficient insulating gas, is widely used in gas insulated switchgear (GIS) . However, the use of SF6 also presents a series of environmental and safety challenges, making accurate density monitoring of SF6 especially crucial.

Although SF6 exhibits excellent insulating performance, its global warming potential (GWP) is extremely high, about 24,000, which poses a serious threat to the global environment from its accumulation in the atmosphere. For power transmission and distribution companies using SF6, ensuring that the gas does not leak and is pollution-free is an essential task for maintaining equipment performance and protecting the environment. Therefore, continuous monitoring of SF6 density not only helps to detect leaks promptly but also ensures the stable operation of the equipment.

Why Gas-Insulated Switchgear Needs Gas Density Sensors

Gas-insulated switchgear, compared to air-insulated switchgear (AIS), has advantages in some aspects but also faces certain fault risks. Gas leaks, humidity, and decomposition products are key factors affecting the performance of GIS. Thus, monitoring gas pressure, temperature, density, and humidity becomes vital to ensuring the normal operation of GIS.

In the maintenance of GIS, passive and active maintenance are two common strategies. Passive maintenance usually relies on mechanical instruments to alert when gas density drops to a certain level, or technicians conduct manual checks periodically. In contrast, active maintenance utilizes analog and digital instruments for real-time remote monitoring, predicting the condition of the equipment by collecting and analyzing data, thereby achieving predictive maintenance.

The Application of Smart Gas Density Sensors in Remote Monitoring

With the development of technology, smart gas density sensors play an increasingly important role in the monitoring of GIS. These sensors can detect and transmit parameters such as gas density, pressure, and temperature in real-time, allowing operators to have a more comprehensive understanding of the conditions of insulating gases. Moreover, smart gas density sensors also automatically compensate for environmental conditions, improving the accuracy and reliability of monitoring data.

The Advantages of LANSO Gas Density Sensors

LANSO provides temperature and pressure-based sensors, which can easily calculate the P20 value (i.e., the density that a gas possesses at 20℃) of various gases, offering strong support for the monitoring of GIS. Our gas density sensors can be configured for specific applications, regardless of the equipment or insulating medium, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of monitoring.

In summary, monitoring the density of SF6 in gas-insulated switchgear is of great significance for ensuring the stable operation of the equipment, preventing environmental pollution, and safeguarding personnel safety. By adopting advanced monitoring technologies and smart sensors, we can achieve comprehensive monitoring of GIS, contributing to the sustainable development of the power transmission and distribution sector.

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