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Safety Measures for On-site Verification of SF6 Relay

Ⅰ. How to ensure the safety of the on-site verification of SF6 relay?

In order to ensure the safety of the verification work, the following safety measures should be implemented during the on-site verification of the SF6 relay:

1. When SF6 electrical equipment is out of service, carry out the verification work of the SF6 relay.

2. Check the gas circuit structure of the SF6 relay on-site, and determine the method of isolating the SF6 relay from the SF6 electrical equipment body.

3. Work tickets should be processed to strengthen the monitoring of SF6 gas leakage.

4. Close the isolation valve For the SF6 relay with an isolation valve in the gas path. Use a special calibration hose to connect the calibration device to the air supply port of the SF6 electrical equipment or the micrometer water place and pressurize it.

When confirming that there is no leakage between the SF6 density relay verification device and the SF6 electrical equipment, open the instrument valve for verification.

5. Directly remove it for the SF6 relay with self-reversing valve. The self-reversing valve of SF6 electrical equipment automatically closes the joint without air leakage.

6. During the verification of SF6 relay, an alarm should be given and an action inspection test of the blocking circuit should be carried out.

7. During the calibration process, the staff should wear rubber protective gloves. In the closed SF6 electrical equipment room, gas masks should be worn.

The verification of SF6 gas density relay is a very important work, which is directly related to the safe and stable operation of SF6 high-voltage equipment.

During the inspection process, it was found that when most manufacturers produce SF6 circuit breakers, there is no valve to close the SF6 gas between the body air chamber and the density relay, but only through the check valve at the bottom of the body air chamber closest to the mechanism.

It must be disconnected from the check valve during inspection, which is cumbersome and leaks during disassembly. It will cause the entry of other gases, affect the purity of SF6 gas, and waste SF6 gas.

It is recommended to modify this type of circuit breaker and install a valve to facilitate the inspection of the SF6 relay in the future, and also to facilitate the maintenance of this gas pipeline. It is also recommended to strengthen the management of SF6 gas relay and achieve regular calibration.

Equipped with advanced test equipment, prepare an appropriate number of density relays as spare parts, and find and replace unqualified products in time. Strengthen the appropriate number of density relays as spare parts, and find and replace substandard products in time.

Strengthen the training of test personnel, master the construction principle of SF6 gas density relay, and the basic calibration method.

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