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Operation Technology Principle of SF6 Gas Density Relay

Ⅰ. Operation technical principle of SF6 relay

ⅰ. SF6 relay is a SF6 gas package that is connected with SF6 gas in the circuit breaker and sealed on the outside of the big bellows. It is checked with the standard gas package sealed on the inside of the big bellows through the lever with the central axis as the support point, and drives the micro switch electrical contact to act to realize the function of sending alarm and locking signals.

ⅱ. If SF6 gas pressure in the circuit breaker reaches the rated pressure, when the temperature of the air chamber and the external environment temperature is equal, the SF6 gas on the outside of the bellows is in the same state as standard SF6 on the inside of the bellows. The lever supported by the shaft is kept in a balance position, so that the electrical contact of the micro switch is in the open position. With the change of the ambient temperature, the pressure of SF6 gas on both sides will change at the same time. As a result, the lever supported by the shaft is still kept in a balanced position, and the electrical contact of the micro switch will be still kept in the open position.


ⅲ. If the SF6 gas circuit breaker leakage, the pressure of the SF6 gas outside the bellows will decrease, while the pressure of the standard SF6 gas pack inside the bellows will remain constant, and the lever will be out of balance. As a result, both ends will rotate counterclockwise to reach a new equilibrium position. When the air leaks to a certain extent, it will make the electrical contacts of the microswitch with different functions closed respectively, and send different instructions or signals to achieve their different functions

ⅳ. When the temperature of SF6 gas inside the circuit breaker reaches a balance with the external ambient temperature, the density or pressure value indicated will not change with the change of the external ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature rises, the temperature of SF6 gas inside the circuit breaker rises slowly, it will drive the pointer to the direction of density or pressure value increase.


Ⅱ. SF6 relay supplier

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