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Instructions for Use of SF6 Gas Micro Water Detector

The DPI-01 portable laser water micrometer developed by LANSO is a portable instrument based on laser absorption spectroscopy to detect trace moisture content in gas.

The infrared absorption spectrum is designed by using the characteristics of water in the gas, and the measurement of the water in the gas can be completed in the range of -60℃~-20℃, and the measurement accuracy of the full scale is ±2PPM.

Combined with the temperature measured by the temperature sensor, through special circuit design and algorithm processing, the influence of temperature on the measurement is compensated, and the detection error caused by aging and drift can be effectively eliminated without frequent calibration.

SF6 gas micro-water detector is widely used in the rapid detection of SF6 gas moisture in high-voltage switchgear of substations.

Ⅰ. Operation steps of SF6 gas micro-water detector

1. First turn on the power and let the instrument perform automatic calibration, about five minutes;

2. First connect one end of the intake pipe to the instrument, and close the flow control valve; then connect the other end of the intake pipe to the gas path interface of the electrical equipment under test.

3. Open the flow control valve and adjust it to about 0.5~0.8L/min.

4. The completion time measurement is automatically carried out within a few minutes (it takes about ten minutes to measure the first sample, and it generally takes only 2-5 minutes to pass the test continuously), press the save button to save the information data, and repeatedly press the display button to view the historical development data.

5. When measuring continuously, it is not necessary to turn off the power of the SF6 micro water detector, just repeat the above steps, which can greatly save the measurement time.

6. After the instrument is used up, be sure to turn off the power to protect the battery of the instrument.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention

1. After the test is completed, turn off the power to save the power of the lithium battery. Disconnect the self-sealing joint to ensure that the gas in the micro water meter is pure and does not leak.

2. When not in use for a long time, the lithium battery should be charged regularly to ensure that the lithium battery is in a better working condition when it is used next time.

3. Be sure to carefully protect the gas connector on the micro water meter during use to prevent damage and gas leakage.

4. It is recommended that the calibration cycle of this instrument and equipment should be once a year.

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