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SF6 Gas Density Online Monitoring and Alarm System

Most devices containing SF6 gas are installed in rooms, where the indoor ventilation rate is relatively slow. Once SF6 gas leaks, it will accumulate in the room and is not easily released. SF6 gas itself is also odorless, making it difficult to detect leaks. In addition, due to the relatively high density of SF6 compared to oxygen, it usually accumulates in low-level indoor spaces, which can cause insufficient oxygen supply and suffocation, posing a significant safety risk to on-site personnel. On one hand, SF6 gas is widely used in the medium and high voltage industry due to its excellent insulation and arc extinguishing properties. On the other hand, SF6 gas also poses a significant risk to equipment, the natural environment, and the health and safety of on-site personnel. In order to ensure the stable and safe operation of equipment and to fully protect the health and safety of on-site personnel, it is necessary to adopt corresponding measures to monitor the density of SF6 gas in the equipment area in real time and prevent safety accidents.

SF6 Gas Density Monitoring System Technical Solution

Based on on-site analysis and in consideration of user requirements, the overall project plan is as follows:

SF6 Monitoring Host

Based on on-site survey analysis, the main host is installed at the main entrance of the GIS room.

Inspection personnel can directly access various data through the SF6 monitoring host, gaining real-time insight into changes in the on-site environment of the equipment. Various actions can be taken based on the situation, including operating functions such as starting fans, through the SF6 monitoring host.

SF6+O2 Gas Detector

Within the GIS room, 12 SF6+O2 gas detectors are placed beneath the on-site combination electrical equipment, for real-time monitoring of SF6 gas concentration and O2 content in the indoor environment. They are installed with mounting brackets.

Temperature and Humidity Transmitter

A temperature and humidity transmitter is located inside the GIS room for real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity levels in the indoor environment. The installation method is similar to that of the gas detectors, also equipped with mounting brackets.

Fan Controller

Due to SF6 gas having a higher density than air, effective ventilation can be achieved by controlling the fans in the lower spaces. A fan controller is installed within the on-site fan control power box, allowing for coordination of the on-site fans.

Main Functions of the SF6 Gas Density Monitoring System

In accordance with the project's overall plan, the SF6 gas concentration online monitoring and alarm system has the following main functions:

  • Quantitative detection of SF6 gas content in the environment.

  • Alarm function for exceeding SF6 gas concentration limits.

  • Detection of oxygen content in the air.

  • Oxygen deficiency alarm.

  • Manual alarm threshold settings.

  • Display of temperature and humidity levels in the environment.

  • Real-time display of various parameters.

  • Historical data retrieval.

  • Infrared detection with voice prompts.

  • Manual exhaust function.

  • Automatic exhaust function for exceeding limits.

  • Demonstrates stability and reliability in on-site electromagnetic interference environments.

  • Self-diagnostic capability.

  • Equipped with a large-screen LCD display.

  • Data storage capability.

  • Timed exhaust function.

  • Log retrieval function.

  • Audio and visual alarm.

  • Remote alarm signal transmission.

  • Touchscreen operation.

  • Intelligent screen protection feature.

  • Remote data uploading capability.

  • Product lifespan of no less than 10 years.

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