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Why Does the Power Department Need to Perform SF6 Relay Calibration?

In the power system, SF6 switches are widely used due to their excellent insulation and arc extinguishing performance, providing reliable power transmission and distribution solutions for the power sector.SF6 switch is one of the primary concerns for the power sector, and SF6 relay, as a key component for monitoring the density changes of SF6 gas inside theSF6 switch, directly affects the operational safety of the SF6 switch. Therefore, the power sector must perform calibration of SF6 relay to ensure equipment stability and safety.

Importance of SF6 Relay

SF6 relay is an essential component in SF6 switch. Its main function is to monitor the density changes of SF6 gas, and once the density changes exceed the predetermined range, the relay will trigger an alarm or control operation to ensure the normal operation of the SF6 switch. The functions of SF6 relay can be summarized as follows:

  • Monitor the density of SF6 gas and provide timely alarms and feedback.

  • Automatically execute closing or opening operations in case of abnormal SF6 density to prevent equipment failures or safety risks.

  • Maintain stability and performance of SF6 switch to ensure reliable power supply of the power system.

Therefore, calibration of SF6 relay plays a vital role in the power system, and its performance and accuracy are crucial for the safety and stable operation of power equipment.

Why is Calibration of SF6 Relay Necessary?

SF6 relay may be influenced by various factors during field operation, such as mechanical wear, temperature changes, and humidity fluctuations, which may gradually degrade the relay's performance. The following are the reasons why the power sector needs to calibrate SF6 relay:

Inflexibility in operation

SF6 relay may become inflexible after a period of use. This may be caused by wear or sediment accumulation of internal relay components. If the relay is not flexible in operation, it will not accurately monitor the changes in SF6 gas density, thus reducing the equipment's reliability.

Temperature Compensation Performance Issues

SF6 relays typically need to operate under varying temperature conditions. However, when their temperature compensation performance degrades, the relay may experience misoperation or non-operation during temperature fluctuations, posing potential risks to the normal operation of the equipment.

Preventing Misoperations

Misoperations are a serious concern as they can lead to unnecessary operations and damage to the equipment. Regular calibration of SF6 relays ensures that the relay triggers operations only under appropriate conditions, reducing the likelihood of misoperations.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

DL/T596-1996 "Preventive Test Regulations for Power Equipment" stipulates that SF6 switchgear units should regularly calibrate SF6 relays. Adhering to these regulations not only contributes to the normal operation of the equipment but also helps meet legal and regulatory requirements as well as industry standards.

In conclusion, the calibration of SF6 relays is crucial for maintaining the performance and safety of the equipment. Through regular calibration, the power sector can ensure the reliable operation of SF6 switches, enhance the safety of the power system, and address various potential risks. Therefore, SF6 relay calibration is a necessary test for the power sector to ensure the stable supply of electricity in power systems.

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