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What Is the Function of SF6 Relay Calibrator?

When we are in contact with the SF6 relay calibrator, we may want to know what it does, and what power equipment is it used to test? This article will give you a detailed introduction:

Before the introduction, let's first understand the SF6 switch. SF6 switch is a high-voltage electrical appliance widely used in power systems at present, and its reliable and stable operation is one of the most concerned issues of the power supply department. As a result, our SF6 density relay calibrator began to play its role.

The function of the SF6 relay

The main function of the SF6 relay is to monitor the change of the SF6 gas density in the SF6 switch body during operation, so as to provide judgment on whether the SF6 switch is safe or not. The experimenters mainly use the SF6 gas density value data displayed by the SF6 gas density relay. To determine the safety of SF6 switch. It can be seen that the performance of SF6 relay directly affects the safety of SF6 switch operation.

It is understood that due to infrequent actions, SF6 relays operating on-site will often experience inflexible actions and poor contact contact after a period of time, and some will have poor compensation performance. When the ambient temperature changes suddenly, it is easy to cause the SF6 relay to malfunction. Therefore, the "Procedures for Preventive Tests of Power Equipment" stipulated this: Units using SF6 gas density meter should periodically verify SF6 relays. From the perspective of safe use of electrical equipment, it is very necessary to check high-voltage electrical appliances regularly.

SF6 density relay calibrator is an intelligent calibration instrument 

It is precisely because the calibrator uses a high-precision pressure sensor and a high-speed A/D converter, combined with a 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, it can verify the performance of various SF6 density relays, and can accurately measure SF6 during experiments. The pressure value at the current temperature when the switch signal is activated makes the test more accurate and more stable. And because of the intelligent processing of the electronic digitization of the instrument, the instrument can automatically convert any ambient temperature to the standard pressure at 20°C. This tester is a very practical and reliable ideal choice for power supply departments! In addition, the instrument also has the functions of printing, storing and transferring to a USB flash drive, while automatically identifying faults during the test. It has greatly improved the work efficiency and reduced potential the safety hazards for electric power workers in the power supply department, and also reflected the intelligent characteristics of the instrument.

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