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SF6 Density Relay On-Site Verification Safety Measures

SF6 Relay plays a crucial role in high voltage equipment, ensuring the safety and stable operation of the equipment. However, safety measures are essential during on-site verification of SF6 Relay. This article will introduce how to effectively ensure the safety of SF6 Relay on-site verification, ensuring the complete protection of personnel and equipment.

Preparation before SF6 Relay Verification

Before conducting on-site verification of SF6 Relay, a series of preventive measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the entire verification process.

When conducting the verification of SF6 Relay, first ensure that the SF6 electrical equipment is switched off. This is to avoid any unexpected incidents during the verification process and provide a safer working environment for personnel.

Carefully check the gas circuit structure of SF6 Relay and clarify the isolation method between SF6 Relay and the main body of SF6 electrical equipment. This is a key step to ensure that the verification work does not affect other equipment.

Develop detailed work orders, strengthen monitoring of SF6 gas leakage. By strictly implementing work orders and monitoring procedures, ensure the comprehensive progress of verification work and timely identify potential issues.

SF6 Relay Verification Procedure

During the verification process of SF6 Relay, take the following measures to ensure the safety of the operation.

For SF6 density relay with isolation valves, closing the isolation valve is a crucial step to ensure the isolation of the gas path. Connect the calibration device with a dedicated calibration hose and carry out the calibration after confirming there are no leaks.

For SF6 density relay with self-switching valves, remove and close the self-switching valve directly. This step not only ensures that the self-switching valve closing joint of SF6 electrical equipment does not leak gas but also facilitates subsequent calibration work.

During SF6 density relay calibration, promptly sound an alarm and conduct a lockout circuit operation check. This step helps to timely identify any potential issues with the equipment during the calibration process, ensuring the reliability of the entire system.

During the calibration process, personnel should wear rubber protective gloves and, in enclosed SF6 electrical equipment rooms, wear gas masks to ensure their personal safety.

Suggestions for the Modification of SF6 Relay:

During the calibration process of SF6 density relay, inconveniences were found in some SF6 circuit breakers produced by manufacturers, namely the lack of valves to close SF6 gas between density relay. To address this issue, the following modifications are suggested:

For the convenience of future inspections and maintenance of SF6 density relay, it is recommended to install a valve in SF6 circuit breakers. This simplifies the inspection process and facilitates the maintenance of the gas pipeline.

Strengthen the management of SF6 gas relay, conduct regular calibrations, and prepare a sufficient number of density relay as spare parts. Promptly identify and replace any defective products to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Provide advanced testing equipment for personnel and offer training on the construction principles and basic calibration methods of density relay. This helps personnel better understand the working principles of SF6 gas density relay and improves their operational proficiency.

In summary, safety measures for on-site verification of SF6 density relay are crucial. Through strict operational steps and effective modification suggestions, the calibration work of SF6 gas relay can proceed safely and orderly, providing strong assurance for the normal operation of the equipment.

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