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Development and Research of Online GIS SF6 Density Monitor System

1. Introduction of GIS sf6 density monitor

GIS is the English abbreviation for gas insulated substation. It is a high-end, precise, and cutting-edge power transmission and transformation equipment developed in recent decades. The equipment has advanced technology, small maintenance workload and high operational reliability.

The development of GIS equipment is very fast. From the initial few kilovolt levels, it has developed to 220kV, 500kV, and 750kV levels. Some countries are developing 1000kV level GIS.

Because GIS equipment uses sf6 gas with a certain pressure as an insulation and fire extinguishing medium, monitoring the sf6 gas density of GIS equipment is a necessary means to monitor the operation status of GIS equipment.

Existing GIS equipment generally uses density relays to monitor sf6 pressure on-site and rely on the pressure nodes on the density relays to send sf6 pressure low alarms and low pressure lock signals to a remote place.

Because there is no online gas monitoring system, sf6 gas leakage and its development trend cannot be discovered in time and serious sf6 leakage is likely to endanger the safety of the main equipment, which causes damage to the main equipment and affect the stable operation of the system.

2. Function and composition of gas monitoring system

The GIS gas density online monitoring system monitors the density data of the sf6 gas in each gas chamber in the GIS system, directly indicates the density parameters, and gives an over-limit alarm.

So as to realize the real-time and remote monitoring of sf6 gas density and historical data analysis during the production process, strengthen the monitoring means, and better ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

After the gas monitoring system is put into operation, the dynamic picture of the display can be used in the control room to intuitively and accurately observe the density parameters of sf6 gas in each interval.

The alarm value of multiple lower limits can be set in the computer at full scale. When the lower and lower limit alarm values are exceeded, the sound and light alarm can be completed on the computer.

The computer has a dynamic database with functions such as data storage and historical data retrieval. The software also provides functions such as online modification of multiple lower limit alarm values, printing reports, animation display, operation display, group display, trend graph display and so on.

Through the gas density online monitoring device system, the sf6 monitoring system in each gas chamber in the GIS device can be monitored in real time. In this way, work efficiency is improved, labor intensity is reduced and the stable and reliable operation of the GIS device is effectively guaranteed.

The whole set of GIS gas density online monitoring system is mainly composed of remote gas density meter, programmable controller, on-site monitoring computer and management computer.

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