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Precautions for the Use of Pressure Gauges

In the process of using different types of pressure gauges, what precautions should we pay attention to?

(1) The pressure gauges should be installed perpendicular to the horizontal;

(2) The measuring point of the pressure gauge and the instrument installation are in the same horizontal position, whether additional height error correction is considered;

(3) The distance between the pressure gauge installation and the measuring point should be as short as possible to avoid slow indication;

(4) Ensure the tightness, and there should be no leakage, especially for flammable and explosive gas media and toxic and harmful media;

Additional devices should be added to different types of pressure gauges when used in the following situations, but additional errors should not be generated, otherwise corrections should be considered.

(1) In order to ensure that the stainless steel pressure gauge is not affected by the corrosion of the measured medium or the excessive viscosity and crystallization, an isolation device should be installed;

(2) In order to ensure that the meter is not affected by the rapid change or pulsating pressure of the measured medium, a buffer should be installed. Especially when the pressure increases sharply and the pressure drops sharply, the apparatus to measure pressure is most likely to be damaged and scrapped. Even worse, the spring tube may burst and leak;

(3) In order to ensure that the instrument is not affected by vibration, the pressure instrument should be equipped with a vibration reduction device and a fixing device;

(4) In order to ensure that the meter is not affected by the high temperature of the measured medium, a liquid-filled elbow device should be installed;

(5) It is strictly forbidden to use special instruments for other purposes, and it is also strictly forbidden to measure without special reliable devices. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use general pressure gauges for pressure measurement of special media;

(6) For newly purchased pressure gauges, measurement verification must be carried out before installation in case of vibration, damage or other factors from destroying the accuracy of the pressure gauge during transportation.

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