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On-line Calibration of SF6 Gas Density Relay in Substation

sf6 relay detection time, detection cycle and detection requirements According to the provisions of national standards and industry standards, the detection cycle and requirements for sf6 electrical equipment are as follows: Newly put into operation sf6 electrical equipment requires sf6 gas density relay detection. The inspection cycle for the density relay of sf6 electrical equipment in operation is specified as: handover, 1 to 3 years in operation, after overhaul, and when necessary.

1. SF6 relay action value

It should meet the requirements of product technical conditions or follow the regulations of the manufacturer. The error of the indicated value of the pressure gauge and its hysteresis should be within the allowable error range of the corresponding grade of the product.

There are many product manuals involving this aspect. As a maintenance item every 5 to 10 years, the operation of the sf6 relay should be summarized, the setting value of the density relay should be checked once, and the density can be checked and recorded during the calibration. The alarm and blocking value of the relay.

The main items of the on-site detection of sf6 relays are: blocking start pressure value, blocking return pressure value, alarm starting pressure value, and alarm return pressure value.

2. When the SF6 relay has a pressure gauge

The displayed value of the pressure gauge should be checked. The tested operating pressure value should meet the technical requirements of the manufacturer, and the pressure difference between the start and return values of the operating contact should be less than 0.03MPa (all should be converted to the pressure value at 20℃ for comparison); at the same time, it should be recorded at the same time The ambient temperature and corresponding pressure value at the time of inspection.

When inspecting the displayed value of the pressure instrument types, the inspection points should usually be no less than 5, and they should be more evenly distributed over the entire range. The detection usually requires two stroke cycles of increasing and decreasing pressure. The pressure is slowly and steadily increased according to the pre-selected detection point, and then the pressure is reduced point by point. Take the pressure indication error of the two measurements. As the pressure indication error of the instrument.

At present, in outdoor switch stations and indoor GIS switch stations, most of the sf6 relays installed on the gas compartment compartment are not equipped with sf6 free disassembly and verification sf6 relay valve groups, but sf6 relays are directly installed on the body of the equipment. superior.

The existing technology needs to remove the sf6 relay meter every time it is calibrated, and then use the calibration instrument for testing, which greatly increases the risk of air leakage and accidents.

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