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The Function of SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring System

Ⅰ. Technical background of SF6 gas leakage monitoring system

Safety is always the most important issue in power system operation, control and management. But on the other hand, due to the influence of equipment manufacturing process, assembly process, aging process, temperature change, pressure difference and other factors, the gas leakage in the equipment is inevitably caused, which affects the safety of equipment operation and the personal safety of maintenance personnel. In the indoor environment where SF6 density monitor equipment is installed, it is necessary to configure the corresponding SF6 gas leakage monitoring system to ensure the safety of the on-site environment at all times, and to provide maintenance personnel with SF6 gas leakage change data, so as to ensure personal safety of on-site work, and predict the trend of device leakage and operation security.

Ⅱ. The function of SF6 gas leakage monitoring system

1. The SF6 gas leakage monitoring system can monitor the SF6 concentration in the switch room in real time. When the SF6 concentration is greater than or equal to 1000ppm, it will automatically alarm and start the fan.

2. Real-time oxygen content monitoring and monitoring of the ambient oxygen content in the switch room: when ≤18.0%, it will automatically alarm and start the fan.

3. Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity monitors the ambient temperature and humidity values of the switch room, and automatically performs upper and lower limit over-limit control.

4. The user can control the forced and timed ventilation according to the actual needs, and perform the timed ventilation or forced ventilation operation on the system.

5. Multiple ways to synchronize alarms when the environment is dangerous, with interface prompts, high-frequency beeps, light alarms and voice alarms.

6. The remote control alarm prompt system host provides multiple passive hard contacts, which can be connected to a remote control device to realize remote alarm prompts.

7. When the human body infrared sensor detects the staff entering and exiting the switch room of the SF6 gas leakage monitoring system, the system automatically senses and prompts the environmental safety status.

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