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Design Ideas on a Detachable and Adjustable SF6 Relay

It will be very meaningful to study a disassembled SF6 relay with adjustable alarm value to achieve technological innovation and energy saving and efficiency.

1. Design ideas of SF6 relay with detachable maintenance

Based on the failure characteristics of the old SF6 relays on the market at this stage, the research found that the indicator value is out of tolerance or the alarm value is invalid and unqualified, the reason for which is the damage of internal small parts, but replacement and maintenance costs of such small parts are low, and operation is controllable. The repaired SF6 relay can continue to operate safely and stably, and can save economic costs. However, the current base housing of SF6 relays are often designed with stamping and welding processes, and cannot be disassembled. In order to achieve removable repair function, we can design the shell base as a rotating snap-on or threaded sealing type connection, and then give it a effective anti-leakage and anti-corrosion process treatment. Then when we need to replace or repair internal small parts of SF6 relay, the disassembly function can be easily achieved.

2. Design ideas on SF6 relay adjustable calibration

The SF6 relay alarm contacts on the market are fixed settings, which have been calibrated according to the parameter model before leaving the factory and cannot be changed during use. At the same time, a value indicator pin is placed on the movement to indicate the SF6 pressure. The rated pressure, alarm and lockout zones of SF6 on the scale are distinguished by green, yellow and red, and the lower limit points of the respective zones are marked with black dots. In order to adapt to various pressure parameters of power switchgear, we must match various alarm parameters of SF6 relays. In order to change its status quo of falling behind, realize the adjustable setting function of alarm value and closing value, reduce the number of spare parts, improve the capital utilization rate and turnover rate of spare parts, and improve the quality of warehouse management, we will adjust the contact design of SF6 relay.

The bimetal with high accuracy level and strong sensitivity can be used for temperature compensation. By changing the size of the bimetal sheet and layout to achieve the technical requirements of rating indication compensation, and to correctly indicate the true and accurate value of SF6 pressure density in the air chamber of the equipment when temperature changes. At the same time, the contact structure is changed to realize the contact can be toggled to adjust the setting and lead to the upper edge of the dial through the transmission mechanism to form the "adjustment setting triangle needle". "Rated pressure, alarm value, and closing value" are indicated by "green, yellow, and red" respectively. The dials are marked with black lines on a white background for visual contrast.

Through the above design, the node adjustment setting function of SF6 relay can be realized, and the user can set the node parameter value according to the field use needs to meet the requirements of the power equipment parameters. In this way, the SF6 relay can realize the function of "one meter for all".

3. Application value of SF6 relay design and research results

The designed and researched detachable and adjustable SF6 relay with high accuracy level and stable temperature compensation realizes the low cost disassembly and maintenance of SF6 relay and field adjustment and replacement function, with simple operation, greatly reducing the number of various spare parts, which can deal with various emergency defects, and is suitable for various voltage levels of switchgear, with broad use value and application prospects.

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