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Transformer Accessory

Lanso Instruments Inc. is a company dedicated to the production of transformer accessories. We provide comprehensive and high-quality products in the field of transformer accessories for the power industry and various industrial and mining enterprises. Through cooperation and communication with customers, we continuously improve our products to better serve the on-site usage needs. We have become a major supplier of transformer accessories. Additionally, we have independently developed remote transmission digital transformer gas relays, digital oil temperature gauges, digital oil level gauges, and other accessories with remote monitoring and monitoring functions according to the needs of on-site monitoring. These accessories ensure the normal operation of transformers.

Transformer Assembly Types

Transformer accessories are mainly used as supporting equipment for transformers to detect and protect them. Through transformer accessories, it is possible to detect the accumulation and discharge of internal gases in transformers. They can timely monitor the leakage current, arcs, flashovers, and other gas accumulation caused by faults inside the transformer. When the gas reaches a certain level, an alarm signal is sent out. Transformer accessories can also detect and control the top oil temperature of the transformer oil in real-time, perform oil temperature detection, non-electric protection, remote transmission of temperature information, and control the cooling capacity in phases. They can also monitor the height of the oil surface, oil pressure changes, and the operational status of the transformer. This provides important support and assurance for ensuring the safety and economic operation of the transformer.

Why Choose Transformer Assembly at Lanso?

With a wealth of experience as a Canada-based industrial products manufacturer, Lanso Instruments ensures that its transformer assembly processes adhere to the highest industry standards. Our dedication to precision and innovation is reflected in every assembly, providing customers with transformers that meet stringent quality criteria.  Additionally, Lanso has maintained international acclaim and formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders, including ABB, HYOSUNG, TOSHIBA, SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, and more. Whether it's for electrical power systems, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, or other industries, Lanso's Transformer Assembly stands out as a dependable choice, offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

As a professional Transformer Assembly manufacturer, we prioritize a steadfast commitment to ensuring quality, reliability, and technological excellence in our products. If you are looking for a reliable Transformer Assembly supplier, don't hesitates to contact us!

Features of Lanso Transformer Assembly

  • Lanso Instruments Inc., transformer accessories have high measurement accuracy, stability, sensitivity, protection grade, and reliability. 

  • They also have a digital remote transmission function, allowing for remote monitoring and control. The digital transformer gas relay has six pairs of selectable contacts, a triple-redundant design, an all-metal high-strength core structure, an RS485 digital signal (compatible with 4-20mA analog signal) transmitted to the background, and real-time online monitoring of gas volume. 

  • The digital oil temperature meter has adjustable temperature control switch contacts, six groups of temperature control switches, phased control of cooling capacity, driven by elastic elements made of high-nickel alloy with a constant temperature coefficient, and an integrated alloy die-casting structure designed for higher strength. 

  • The various transformer accessories produced by Lanso Instruments Inc. provide more reliable support for the operation of transformers.

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