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Understand the Pressure Gauge in Terms of Application, Installation Structure and Range

1. In terms of application of pressure gauges

Pressure gauge meter can be seen everywhere in areas such as heating power pipe networks, oil and gas transmission, water and gas supply systems, and vehicle repair and maintenance factories. Especially in industrial process control and measurement, because the elastic sensitive elements of mechanical pressure gauges have high mechanical strength and convenient production characteristics, mechanical gauges for pressure measurement have become more and more widely used.

2. In terms of installation structure of pressure gauges

From the perspective of the installation structure, there are direct installation, embedded installation and convex installation. The embedded installation is divided into radial embedded installation and axial embedded installation. The convex installation also has radial convex installation and axial installation. Direct installation is divided into radial direct installation and axial direct installation. The radial direct installation type is the basic installation type. Generally, when the installation structure type is not specified, it refers to the radial direct installation type. The axial direct mounting type considers the stability of its own support and is generally only used on pressure gauges with a nominal diameter of less than 150mm. The so-called built-in and convex-mounted pressure gauge meter are the pressure gauges with edge (mounting ring) we often say. Axial embedded type refers to the axial front with edge, radial embedded type refers to the radial front edge, and radial convex type (also called wall mount) refers to the radial rear edge pressure gauge.

1. In terms of range of pressure gauges

From the perspective of measurement domain and range section, the positive pressure measurement domain is divided into micro pressure range section, low pressure range section, medium pressure range section, high pressure range section, and ultra-high pressure range section. Several measurement ranges (instrument ranges) are subdivided; the pressure gauge of positive pressure and negative pressure is a cross-range pressure gauge meter. Its standard name is pressure vacuum gauge. It can not only measure positive pressure, but also can measure negative pressure. (You may want to contact pressure gauge manufacturers)

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