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A Quick Plug-in and Pull-out Gas Supplement SF6 Density Relay On-line Verification Valve Device

Ⅰ. Structural characteristics of SF6 density relay

The quick-connecting SF6 density relay online verification valve device with fast plugging inflation nozzle includes a valve body, a valve core, and a quick-plug inflation nozzle. The valve body consists of a verification and inflation port, the main air inlet, a needle valve, the density relay interface, and the valve chamber. The needle valve is connected to the needle valve handle, and the verification and inflation port also includes a top needle. The verification and inflation port is connected to the inflation nozzle through a plug-in quick joint, and the fast plugging inflation nozzle consists of a quick joint and an inflation nozzle. Specifically, the valve core is a sphere, and the sealing gasket is provided on the contact surface between the valve core and the valve body. The inner wall of the sealing gasket is spherical and is fixedly fastened on the surface of the valve core by a fixed screw plug.

Ⅱ. Key components of SF6 density relay

1. Steel ball sleeve

The steel ball sleeve of the quick-connecting SF6 density relay online verification valve device plays a key role in connecting and stabilizing the valve. During the production process, special locking ball technology is used to effectively prevent steel ball detachment and dead ball phenomena. It has the characteristic of maintaining uniform motion during high-precision axial or radial movement.

The steel ball lining sleeve has high accuracy and smooth operation, high load-bearing capacity provided by the bearing, and complete corrosion resistance. In addition, it has the characteristics of small inertia, light weight, and compact structure, and is processed with corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

2. Self-closing valve quick female connector

The air supply pipe is first inserted into the larger diameter retaining ring, and then sealed through the sealing sleeve. The sealing sleeve is installed on the air outlet pipe with good sealing effect through the cooperation of the sealing round chamfer and the sealing concave round chamfer. The sealing ring is installed between the retaining ring and the air outlet pipe, which has a good sealing effect.

3. Self-closing valve quick male connector

The self-closing valve can realize functions such as fast inflation through close cooperation between the male and female connectors, and its principle is consistent with that of the quick-connecting male connector.

4. Functional characteristics

As an indispensable part of the SF6 monitoring system, the advantages of the quick-connecting SF6 density relay online verification valve device are as follows:

(1) It has a new type of plug-in valve structure with self-locking function, which improves the convenience and safety of density relay verification.

(2) The design of the multifunctional interface of the verification valve device for gas density measurement instruments can adapt to all types of circuit breaker valves, which is convenient for on-site operations.

(3) It has an automatic protection function to prevent the valve from popping out or falling off during the verification process, which may cause personal injury or equipment damage.

(4) It has a quick connection interface and corresponding pipelines, which can quickly connect testing instruments and density relays and effectively prevent gas leakage.

SF6 has good electrical insulation and arc extinguishing properties, so it is widely used in equipment in substations. The quick-connecting SF6 density relay online verification valve device can greatly reduce the number of spare parts and matching connectors, eliminate waste of resources, and the use of plug-in connections can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce power outage time.

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