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Function and Product Characteristics of SF6 Relay Calibrator

1. Function introduction of SF6 relay calibrator

The calibrator mainly has the following functions:

(1) Automatically calibrate a variety of SF6 gas density relays within the working temperature range. According to the node characteristics of SF6 relays, this calibrator has three modes of single alarm, single lock, and double locks.

(2) The normal temperature pressure gauge and P20 pressure gauge within the working temperature range are automatically calibrated, and the calibration range covers 0 to 1Mpa.

(3) Manually calibrate the normal temperature pressure gauge and P20 pressure gauge within the working temperature range, and the calibration range covers 0 to 0.7Mpa.

2. Product features of SF6 relay calibrator

The SF6 relay calibrator uses the precise mathematical model of the relationship between SF6 gas pressure and temperature obtained after our long-term in-depth research. It is a SF6 gas density relay calibration device designed according to the needs of field testing.

It adopts embedded microcomputer technology and fully sealed SF6 gas circulation system, and selects high-performance pressure and temperature sensors. The SF6 relay calibrator can simultaneously sample the gas pressure and temperature when the measured relay is in action, and automatically convert it to the standard pressure value at 20°C, thus completing the dynamic automatic compensation of pressure and temperature.

Therefore, the SF6 relay calibrator is suitable for calibrations in various complex environmental within the working temperature range, and avoids the waste of a large amount of SF6 gas.

The SF6 relay calibrator has the following remarkable features:

(1) The instrument has a built-in integrated capsule replacement air chamber, and the calibration range covers the full range of 0 to 1Mpa. The calibration process is smooth, and it is completed in one time without air supplementation.

(2) The instrument has a built-in capsule replacement air chamber, which realizes static sealing instead of dynamic sealing and improves the sealing performance of the instrument.

(3) SF6 gas is internally circulated during the calibration process, which has no emission to the atmosphere, and is more environmentally friendly and safer.

(4) The structure adopts dual-sealing design of hand valve and self-sealing valve, which is easy to operate and can prevent moisture and air from entering the pipeline. There is no SF6 emission or leakage before and after calibration.

(5) The device for cleaning and air supplement has a simple structure and easy operation, which can help minimize the content of internal micro-water and foreign gas.

(6) It can automatically identify the normally open and normally closed type SF6 relays; it can calibrate single signal, single alarm and single lock and single alarm and double locks SF6 relays.

(7) It can calibrate offline; at the same time, it is equipped with a full set of transition joints. Most models of switches of SF6 relays can be calibrated on-line without disassembly.

(8) Completely independent development, with independent intellectual property rights.

(9) Seven-inch large industrial-grade general-purpose color touch screen, with simple and intuitive operation

(10) Large-capacity storage, and the calibration data can be saved and exported for life.

(11) An external USB flash disk can be connected to facilitate data sharing.

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