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SF6 Density Micro Water Monitoring System Solution

Ⅰ. Application of SF6 gas density micro water monitoring system

The SF6 density micro-water monitoring system is suitable for the micro-water and density of SF6 gas in various voltage levels of SF6 circuit breakers, GIS, AIS, ring network cabinets, etc. and online measurement of temperature.

SF6 is an insulating medium, the dielectric strength is 2.33 times that of air, and the arc extinguishing capacity is 100 times that of air, so it is often used as an arc extinguishing medium for circuit breakers.

Moisture has the greatest impact on the performance of SF6, so generally, the water content of SF6 gas should be measured once every 3 months.

Nowadays, it is common to rely on the manual use of SF6 micro water detectors for on-site monitoring. SF6 micro water detectors are expensive, the efficiency of manual collection and recording is very low, and hidden dangers cannot be found in time.

Ⅱ. Application scenarios of SF6 gas density online real-time monitoring system

1. Online real-time measurement of micro water, density and temperature in SF6 gas chambers of circuit breakers, switches, blades, outgoing bushings, busbars and other equipment in the power industry;

2. Set the upper limit of micro-water, when the upper limit is reached, the SF6 monitoring system will alarm and remind; set the lower limit of SF6 gas density, and the SF6 density micro-water monitoring system will alarm and remind when the lower limit is reached;

3. Record the historical trend of micro-water, density and temperature of SF6 gas; monitor the changing trend of micro-water and density and alarm;

Ⅲ. What solutions are there for the SF6 gas density micro water monitoring system?

1. The gas density micro-water sensor realizes the pressure and temperature compensation of the micro-water, making the micro-water data true and reliable;

2. The acquisition unit can be put into operation and withdrawn without affecting the state of the main equipment, and does not affect the normal operation of the main equipment of the sulfur hexafluoride gas density monitoring system;

3. The internal circulation technology is used inside the acquisition unit to greatly improve the sampling accuracy;

4. Adopt gas density micro-water sensor with various technologies and self-calibration functions;

5. Built-in passive output of sulfur hexafluoride density relay, which can set the dynamic point value of blocking/alarm/overpressure;

6. Fully enclosed design, waterproof and dustproof, anti-high-frequency interference, sulfur hexafluoride gas density micro-water monitoring system is suitable for indoor and outdoor;

7. The sulfur hexafluoride gas density micro-water monitoring system is easy to install and disassemble, saving maintenance costs

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