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SF6 Laser Moisture Meter - Standard Operating Procedure

SF6 laser moisture meter is a key equipment widely used in substations, SF6 switch gas humidity cabinet hydrogen production station and hydrogen coolant generator hydrogen gas humidity accurate detection. It is essential to understand and correctly master the operation steps of this micro water detection equipment to ensure its accuracy and reliability. In the following article, we will introduce in detail the routine operation of SF6laser moisture meter.

The wiring method of SF6 laser moisture meter

Before using SF6 laser moisture meter, it is necessary to correctly connect the instrument. Connect the power cord to the corresponding socket, and connect the air outlet pipe and the intake pipe to the air outlet and intake of the instrument respectively, and the other end is placed outside and connected to the gas bottle's gas valve. The correct execution of this step ensures the power supply and gas circulation of the instrument.

The leak detection method of SF6 laser moisture meter

To eliminate potential leakage risks, apply soapy water or other cleaning liquids to the valve of the gas bottle. Observe whether there is foaming phenomenon. If there is foaming, it indicates a leakage. When a leakage is found, check the intake tube or gas valve in time to ensure the sealing of the equipment.

The operation of SF6 laser moisture meter

Turn on the SF6 laser moisture meter cylinder valve and power switch in order, enter the main interface and select the desired measurement option. Press the OK button to start automatic calibration, which lasts 5 minutes. After calibration, the equipment enters the measurement state and starts accurate measurement of gas humidity.

The parameter setting of SF6 laser moisture meter

Adjust the flow valve to ensure that the gas flow is within the standard range. Observe whether the PPM value remains stable. If the test tube shows stability, it indicates that the test is completed. For multiple measurements, you can press the F1 button on the instrument panel to save the current data and set the data code by pressing OK. After returning to the main interface, you can enter the historical data inquiry to view the saved measurement results.

When operating the SF6 laser moisture meter, the above steps provide clear operation guidelines. The device is easy to operate and provides detailed instructions and help options on the device to answer user questions at any time.

In summary, correct use of SF6 laser moisture meter can be easily achieved through the above steps, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurements. Lanso Instruments is committed to providing international customers with high-quality and cost-effective SF6 gas density instruments and advanced and reliable technical solutions for various industries through its unique research and development and innovation.

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