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How to Use an SF6 Density Monitor

In industrial production, the safety monitoring of sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) gas is crucial.SF6 gas density monitors, as efficient and accurate detection equipment, play an essential role in ensuring the safe and stable operation of industrial production. So, how should we properly use the SF6 density monitor? Next, we will introduce the steps of its use in detail.

SF6 Density Monitor's Connection and Preparation

Firstly, we need to take the SF6 density monitor and the probe out of the packaging, ensuring all parts are intact and undamaged. Subsequently, proceed with the connection work of the instrument and the probe. There are two connection methods to choose from: one is the direct insertion connection, suitable for short-distance or compact space detection; the other uses an extension tube for connection, suitable for longer distance or special angle detection scenarios. Regardless of the method, it is necessary to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable to prevent data errors or equipment damage due to unstable connections.

After the connection, place the SF6 density monitor near the area to be tested and turn on the power switch to preheat. Preheating is a key step to ensure the internal circuit of the instrument is stable and the sensor is sensitive, generally requiring 2-3 minutes. When the instrument's indicator light changes from flashing to stable, it means the preheating is complete, and the formal detection work can begin.

SF6 Density Monitor's Adjustment and Detection

Before the formal detection, we need to adjust the sensitivity of the probe according to the detection environment and requirements. This can be achieved by manually adjusting or selecting the automatic adjustment function. After the sensitivity adjustment is completed, formal detection can begin.

During detection, we need to move the probe slowly into the area to be tested and pay attention to the instrument's response. When the probe detects a gas leak, it will emit sounds of different frequencies, and the signal lights on the detection instrument will also change accordingly. These signal changes are an important basis for judging gas leaks.

In addition, the SF6 density monitor is also equipped with a beeping identification function. During the detection process, we can lightly press the beep key on the detection instrument to emit a beeping sound to find a specific leak point. This feature is particularly useful in complex industrial environments, helping us quickly and accurately locate leak sources.

SF6 Density Monitor's Maintenance and Storage

After the detection is completed, we need to clean and maintain the SF6 density monitor. This includes removing dust and dirt from the probe, checking the integrity of the connection line, and ensuring that all parts of the instrument function normally. For the SF6 density monitor that has not been used for a long time, dust removal and rust prevention should be performed before storage to ensure its performance and lifespan.

Moreover, when using the SF6 density monitor, we also need to pay attention to the impact of probe sensitivity and environmental air pressure. Different probe sensitivities are suitable for different detection environments, and the change in environmental air pressure may also affect the detection results. Therefore, we need to adjust and calibrate according to the actual situation during use to ensure the accuracy of the detection results.

In summary, the use of the SF6 density monitor is not complicated, just follow the above steps. By correctly using and maintaining the SF6 density monitor, we can effectively monitor the leakage of sulfur hexafluoride gas and ensure the safety and stability of industrial production.

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