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Mechanical Pressure Gauge

Lanso is specialized in developing medium and high-end precision mechanical pressure gauges for pressure measurement, and manufactures different types of better-quality mechanical pressure gauges in the market depending on advanced equipment.

Working principles of mechanical pressure gauge: the end of the Bourdon tube moves due to elastic deformation under pressure or vacuum. Through transmission and amplification of the mechanical transmission mechanism (connecting rod and movement), the pointer turns on the dial to indicate the corresponding readings.

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FAQ of Mechanical Pressure Gauge

How to choose the instrument range?

In general, the measured media maximum pressure of mechanical pressure measuring devices does not exceed 3/4 of the upper measurement limit.  

What is the function of the L-type switch or oil filler plug on the pressure gauge case?

When the measured media pressure is low (<2.5MPa) or filling oil, the pressure inside the case will change with the ambient temperature when the L-type switch is not turned off or the oil filler plug is closed, which will affect the accuracy of the mechanical pressure measuring devices.  Therefore, please turn on the L-type switch or open the oil filler plug before use.

Why is an oil-filled pressure gauge used?

An oil-filled mechanical pressure measuring device can also be called a vibration-proof pressure gauge. Oil filling in the case can provide damping to the moving parts in the case, which can not only reduce the impact of vibration on accuracy but also extend the life of the instrument. 

What is the function of an explosion-proof hole?

When high pressure is formed inside the case after the Bourdon tube ruptures, the rubber plug in the explosion-proof hole will be thrown out to prevent the front window glass from bursting and causing personal injury.  

What should I do if the temperature of the media in the liquid-filled pressure gauge exceeds 100°C?

You can use such accessories as condenser tubes or capillaries to lower the media temperature and reduce additional temperature errors. 

Under what circumstances will the instrument display be inaccurate?

The ambient temperature is too high or too low, and the mechanical pressure measuring devices is overloaded. 

What is an electro-connecting pressure gauge?

The pressure gauge with electrical contacts is integrated with electrical contacts, and is an instrument with both mechanical local display and extra switching output.  Even in the event of power outage, the measured value can still be read locally.

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