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ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors

These instruments are used to monitor SF6 gas density in sealed tanks. They are applied to indicate gas density and to provide a signal outputs when the density reaches preset threshold values. They are designed to monitor High Voltage systems.
ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors
  • ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors
  • ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors
  • ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors
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Application of ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors

  • SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

  • SF6 Insulated Circuit Breakers

  • SF6 Insulated Pole-Mounted Switch

  • SF6 Insulated Transformers

  • SF6 Insulated Mutual Inductor

  • SF6 Insulated Busbar Systems

Features of ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors

  • Using gas compensation, higher set point accuracy

  • Class 1.0  display for full scale

  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

  • Micro switch, can switch freely between normally open and normally closed points

  • Up to four pairs of nodes, multiple options such as double alarms and double locks can be realized, making monitoring more secure and reliable

  • High shock resistance

  • No need to fill oil, no oil leakage hazard

  • · Normally closed contacts will not falsely alarm due to vibration

Technical Data of ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors

Scale range:

-0.1 to 0.9MPa (customizable)

Set point Accuracy:  


-30~+60 ℃,±1.5%FS(gas phase)

Indication accuracy:

rated pressure:+20±1℃,±1.0%FS

-20~+60 ℃,±1.8%FS(gas phase)
-30~-20 ℃,±2.3%FS(gas phase)

Degree of protection:


Ambient conditions: 

-40°C to 60°C

Leakage rate:

< 1 × 10-9 Pa·m3/s , Relative humidity ≤ 95%RH

Pressure connection: 

 M20 × 1.5, (customizable)


Bottom or back

Electrical connection:

Connect the plug when plugging, wire diameter 0.2...2.5 mm2

Insulation properties:

Insulation resistance: >100 MW (500 V DC)
Withstand voltage: 2kV, 50/60 Hz 1 min (to case)

Contact type:

Micro Switch

Impact rating:


Contact ratings:

10(1.5)A,250V AC
0.1 (0.05)A,250V DC


Laminated safety glass



Pressure sensitive components: 

bellows and Bowden tubes

Options of ZMJ100XD Series Density Monitors

  • Different measuring ranges

  • Wide temperature range -50°C to +60°C

  • Can detect SF6, Air, N2, SF6+N2 and other gases

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