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Research on Calibration Method of SF6 Relay Based on Internet

1. Calibration principle of SF6 relay

In a closed container, the SF6 gas pressure at a certain temperature can represent the density of SF6 gas. And the SF6 gas pressure at 20°C is often used as the density value.

During on-site calibration, the measured pressure value must be converted into its corresponding pressure value at 20°C under different ambient temperatures, so as to judge the performance of the SF6 relay. The SF6 relay calibrator is used to inflate and deflate the density relay to achieve the calibration of the overpressure value, the alarm value and the blocking value.

2. Control of the pressure value accuracy of the SF6 relay

The pressure value calibration accuracy of the density relay depends on the accuracy of the SF6 relay calibrator, which is controlled by measurement and control systems such as high-precision pressure sensors and pressure control components. It is characterized by high degree of automation, good repeatability, and high reliability. The SF6 relay contact test is measured by an SF6 relay calibrator. The measuring voltage of the contact is provided by the internal DC24V power supply of the calibrator, which can guarantee the signal be reliably collected when there is oil film in the contact points.

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