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Introduction of SF6 Gas Density Monitor and SF6 Relay Calibrator

Ⅰ. What is SF6 gas density monitor?

Gas density is an important working structure of high pressure equipment. If the required gas density is not present, safe operation in the current working environment cannot be guaranteed.

So SF6 gas density monitor is essential to provide a safe and reliable working environment.

Ⅱ. How does the SF6 gas density monitor work?

Gas density is usually determined indirectly through the air pressure using a pressure gauge or pressure sensor. Since the pressure in a confined space varies greatly with temperature, such devices require temperature compensation.

The SF6 gas density monitor provides this compensation and operates through electrical switch contacts. Once the gas level reaches an unacceptable level, an electrical contact switch is triggered and a warning is sent to the operator.

Ⅲ. SF6 gas density relay

The SF6 gas density relay is suitable for the power system and provides convenience for the production and safe operation of SF6 electrical products. The density relay can monitor the density and leakage of SF6 gas in a wide temperature range, and when the gas pressure leaks to the set point, it will issue an alarm and lock the contact signal.

Ⅳ. The introduction of SF6 relay calibrator

SF6 relay calibrator (also known as full density relay calibrator) is a fully automatic intelligent SF6 gas density relay calibrator. It adopts embedded microprocessor and fully enclosed SF6 gas circulation system, which can check the density relay and pressure gauge.

Ⅴ. Function of SF6 relay calibrator

Based on its own patent, the instrument has a built-in replaceable capsule air chamber. Its calibration range fully covers 0-1Mpa. The calibration work is stable and smooth, and can be completed with one key without interrupting the inflation.

The instrument has a built-in replaceable capsule air chamber and replaces the static seal with a dynamic seal to improve the air tightness of the SF6 relay.

During the calibration process, the SF6 gas is internally circulated without being released into the atmosphere, which is better and safer for the environment.

It has a double seal design, and its structure includes a manual valve and a self-sealing valve. It is easy to handle and prevents moisture and air from entering the ducts. SF6 will not discharge or leak before and after SF6 relay calibration.

The clean air intake device has a simple structure and is easy to operate. Cleaning and charging keep the small amount of water and foreign matter in it to a minimum.

The SF6 relay calibrator can detect single signal, single latch and single alarm, double latch density relays.

It can be calibrated off-line and is equipped with a full range of transition joints for most switch models of SF6 relays.

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