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SF6 Gas Density Meter

The ability of the SF6 gas extinguishing function has big relationship with the SF6 gas density in the equipment vessel. In the different models, the specification circuit breaker SF6 gas density is different, when the density SF6 gas is lower than some value, the extinguishing function is weakened, therefore, it is important that carry on the surveillance and control of the SF6 gas density.

Lanso is dedicated to developing medium and high-end SF6 gas density meters and manufactures better gas density meters in the market depending on advanced equipment.

Gas Density Meter Working Principle

Gas density relays are mainly used in the power industry to monitor the density of gases (SF6, CF4, N2, etc.) in the high-voltage switch gas chamber.

The gas density relay is actually a pressure relay with temperature compensation. Its working principle is based on the deformation of elastic components (Bourdon tube, diaphragm, bellows). Under the action of the measured medium, the end of the spring tube is forced to produce corresponding elastic deformation/displacement, with the help of the temperature compensation sheet, through the rotation of the gear rotating mechanism and pre-amplified, and then the measured pressure is indicated on the indexing plate by the pointer fixed on the gear shaft. When the ambient temperature changes, its temperature compensation system can compensate for the pressure change caused by the temperature change so that the indication of the density meter remains basically unchanged. When the gas in the gas chamber leaks, the pressure displayed by the density meter will drop. When the falling pressure reaches the set alarm and blocking value, the contact will be triggered, and the mechanical action output will be converted into an electrical signal by using the electric contact (or stroke) switch to realize the output of the alarm signal and the blocking signal. The remote density relay is a mechatronics density relay. It not only has contact signal output but also the real-time digital signal output of density, pressure, and temperature, especially suitable for online monitoring of digital substations.

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