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What Are the Functions of SF6 Relay Calibrator?

1. SF6 relay calibrator

An SF6 relay calibrator is an intelligent calibrator developed by the R&D center in accordance with the IL/T596-1996 "Preventive Test Regulations for Power Equipment" standard and combined with the actual situation on site.

The SF6 relay calibrator is mainly for the calibration of the pressure and action indicators of the density relay. It has the advantages of less gas consumption, fast test speed, and high test accuracy. It is widely used in substations, power plants, and major power maintenance departments.

The SF6 relay calibrator uses high-precision pressure sensors and high-speed A/D converters, combined with 32-bit high-performance microprocessors to perform performance verification on various SF6 density relays.

The SF6 relay can accurately measure the pressure value at the current temperature when the signal acts, and the SF6 relay automatically completes the conversion of any ambient temperature to the standard pressure at 20°C.

All the testing process is completed automatically by the instrument without manual intervention, avoiding the tedious manual air circuit adjustment operation. The SF6 relay calibrator can print and store test data immediately for review, and automatically identify faults in the test process.

The SF6 relay calibrator is easy to carry, simple to operate, has high test accuracy, strong stability, and good reliability, reflecting the "intelligent" characteristics of the SF6 relay calibrator.

2. The performance characteristics of SF6 relay calibrator

1) The SF6 relay calibrator adopts a 32-bit microprocessor and high-speed signal processing chip of TI company for detection and control, with high integration degree, mechatronics design, high precision, good repeatability, and high reliability.

2) Automatically complete pressure measurement and 20 ℃ value conversion, thus completing the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. And display the pressure at the measured ambient temperature, the pressure at the ambient temperature at 20°C, and the ambient temperature. It completely solves the problem of difficult on-site verification of SF6 gas density relays.

3) All the testing process is completed automatically by the SF6 relay calibrator, without manual intervention, avoiding the tedious manual air circuit adjustment operation.

4) The test results are printed in a report format, and the test results are intelligently analyzed.

5) The SF6 relay can store 50 sets of test results at the same time and has the function of power-down data protection, which can query and print the previous test results at any time.

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