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Wiring Method and Precautions of SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibrator

SF6 gas density relay calibrator is mainly used in the production, maintenance and monitoring of SF6 gas products. It is especially suitable for power systems, and it provides convenience for the production, safe operation, pre-test and maintenance of SF6 electrical products. We need to master the correct wiring method to better perform the verification of the SF6 relay.

1. Wiring method test of SF6 gas density relay calibrator

(1) Before performing the verification, you need to close the valve between the SF6 electrical device and the density relay, confirm that the control power supply of the density relay has been disconnected, and ensure that there is no external power supply for the density relay. (Note: If there is no valve between the device and the density relay, the density relay should be folded down and then checked again.)

(2) You need to connect the SF6 density relay to the relay interface of the instrument by using a measuring pipe and the corresponding conversion connector.

(3) You need to connect the relief valve to the gas cylinder, and then connect the relief valve to the instrument inlet with the inlet line.

(4) You need to connect the contacts of the density relay with the contact signal wire and insert the contact signal into the other end.

We must know the wiring method test of the SF6 gas density relay calibrator before using the instrument. Otherwise, it will not only damage the instrument, but also cannot guarantee a successful test.

2. precautions for SF6 destiny relay calibration test

Electric power personnel knows that it is very necessary to regularly calibrate the SF6 gas density relay, which can ensure the safe operation of the power system. The SF6 gas density relay calibrator can be used to complete the test. Therefore, what should we pay attention to when conducting the SF6 gas density relay calibration test?

First, you need to bring a toolbox to the field. Then, you should check the nitrogen gas storage of the small gas cylinder in the toolbox, and bring all transition joints and tools for switches.

Second, the corresponding alarm signal line and blocking signal line on the terminal block should be disconnected from the terminal block to prevent the secondary circuit and the signal line from forming a circuit and affecting the SF6 density relay test.

Third, the verified SF6 density relay should be placed vertically instead of horizontally. Otherwise, it will cause inaccurate calibration.

Fourth, the SF6 density relay should not have too much vibration during the verification process.

Fifth, you can follow the instructions when using the gas cylinder.

The above notes can better help us use the SF6 gas density relay calibrator to complete the SF6 gas density relay calibration work, which is also must be mastered.

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