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Features of SF6 Gas Density Monitoring System

SF6 GasDensity Monitoring System is a critical component in the modern industrial field and plays an important role in power systems.

High Accessibility

SF6 GasDensity Monitoring System adopts the communication protocol IEC 61850, allowing users to easily access SF6 density (temperature compensated pressure) data. This high accessibility enables operators to monitor gas density in real-time and ensure equipment operates at a safe level.

Data Storage and Export

The system can store measurement data for multiple years, and users can easily export this data for further analysis. This helps understand the historical trends of equipment performance and provides strong support for decision-making.

Centralized Communication Interface

The system provides a centralized communication interface suitable for the entire substation (via Ethernet). This simplifies data transmission and management, improving system efficiency.

Internal Monitoring Function

The system has built-in monitoring functions that can identify system faults and trigger alarms. This helps detect problems early and take necessary measures to ensure equipment operates stably.

In summary, the SF6 Gas Density Monitoring System possesses several unique features, including high accessibility, intelligent prediction, data storage and export, advanced network security, centralized communication interface, internal monitoring function, and leakage trend calculation. These features make the system the preferred choice in various industries, ensuring equipment operates in optimal conditions while meeting the needs for network security and data analysis, and contributing to improved equipment safety and sustainability.

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