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What is SF6 Density Monitor?

sf6 gas chamber is an important working structure of high pressure equipment. If the required gas density cannot be reached in the gas chamber, the safe operation of high-pressure equipment cannot be guaranteed. This is why sf6 density monitor is an essential part of providing a safe and reliable working environment.

1. How does the SF6 gas density monitor work?

The density of the gas is usually measured indirectly by the air pressure using a pressure gauge or pressure sensor. Since the pressure in the confined space varies greatly with temperature, the pressure gauge or pressure sensor equipment needs to be equipped with temperature compensation.

The density monitor sf6 provides this compensation and is operated via electrical switch contacts. Once the gas level reaches an unacceptable level, the sf6 gas density monitor electrical contact switch will be triggered and a warning signal will be issued.

2. SF6 density monitor

The sf6 gas density monitor is a reliable and economical way. The sf6 density monitor can monitor the sf6 gas density in a wide temperature range.

The sf6 density monitor temperature compensation pressure switch will adjust its settings to adapt to the temperature changes of all sf6 density levels (including mixed gases). These sf6 density monitor switches are mainly used to measure the density of sf6 gas in high-voltage equipment.

3. How does the SF6 gas monitor detect SF6 leakage?

There are several ways to find sf6 leaks. One way is to use a gas "sniffer" to move around the circuit breaker. When a leak is found, you will be alerted by a sound. Another method is to use an infrared camera dedicated to sf6 leak detection.

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