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SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring System - Quantitative Alarm

The SF6 gas leakage quantitative alarm system is based on the current situation in which the power system emphasizes safe production, and is an intelligent online detection system designed and developed to provide personal health and safety protection for the personnel in the power distribution device room where SF6 equipment is installed. The system mainly detects the SF6 gas content and oxygen content in the ambient air. When the SF6 gas content in the environment exceeds the standard or lacks oxygen, it can alarm in real time. At the same time, the ventilation system is automatically turned on, with temperature and humidity detection, working status voice prompts, remote alarm, Historical data query and many other rich features.
SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring System - Quantitative Alarm
  • SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring System - Quantitative Alarm
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Feature of SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring System - Quantitative Alarm

  • The use of advanced high-sensitivity imported sensors, long life, with false alarm filtering software, to avoid false alarms.

  • The micro-monitoring technology can send out early on-site warnings and indicate the locations of gas leaks, promptly notify personnel in hazardous locations to evacuate, find and eliminate sources of leakage, and protect operating equipment.

  • A cable connects the SF6/O2 transmitter, infrared, main unit, and fan controller, and can be discretely combined to achieve high field adaptability.

  • Multi-point monitoring at the same time meets the requirements of the site environment and improves monitoring reliability.

  • The data can be transmitted far to the tele control center via the RS485 or RS232 bus. The control center can also directly inquire and control the monitoring system.

  • The well-designed high-frequency, low-current, high-voltage switching power supply is applied to the SF6 sensor monitoring head, which is characterized by safety, reliability, and high efficiency. Take full advantage of the flexibility of the microcontroller.

  • 85V ~ 265V AC, to meet the different field environment needs.

  • Large-screen LCD color display, beautiful and generous, running status at a glance. Simple operation interface

  • The large-capacity memory supported by the system host can store historical data for more than one year. The excellent performance of the query system software ensures that the system can quickly query historical data in seconds.

Technical Data of SF6 Gas Leakage Monitoring System - Quantitative Alarm

SF6 gas concentration alarm range:50 ~ 2000PPM (alarm point can be set up, the state regulations 1000PPM)
SF6 gas detection sensitivity:±5% setting point
Oxygen concentration alarm point:18%
Oxygen measurement accuracy:<0.4%
Temperature display range:-50~99°C
Humidity display range:0 to 99% RH
Input power:85~265V AC
Alarm output point power supply:2A
Fan output contact power supply:16A
Fan ventilation time setting:15MIN/time or user set arbitrarily
Data recording capacity:10000
Communication:RS-485 standard protocol

  • SF6 quantitative leak monitoring alarm system host

  • Accessories: SF6/O2 double gas transmitter (on-demand), One  fan controller, One warning light, and cable (several).

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