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SF6 Relay Tester: a Tool to Improve Power Testing Efficiency

SF6 Gas Relay Calibrator plays a key role in the power industry, providing power workers with a more convenient means of power testing. Behind this tool lies advanced technical features that provide efficient and accurate solutions for calibrating various types of density relays.

SF6 Relay Calibrator Technical Features

SF6 Inflation System

The equipment is equipped with a SF6 inflation system, allowing the density relay to be easily and quickly inflated during testing, improving operational convenience and efficiency.

Dual Sensor Design

The calibrator is equipped with both relative pressure sensors and absolute pressure sensors for measuring different models of SF6 relays. This design ensures accurate and reliable readings in various situations, effectively addressing the complexity of power systems.

SF6 Gas Testing Advantages

Compared to traditional density relay calibrators, using SF6 gas testing can improve testing efficiency and accuracy. Through SF6 gas testing, better adaptation to the characteristics of different relay models is achieved, providing more reliable data support for practical operations.

Components of SF6 Relays in Low-temperature Environments

SF6 relays play a crucial role in monitoring the change in SF6 gas density in circuit breakers. However, the performance of SF6 relays may be affected in extremely low-temperature environments. To address this issue, specialized research and optimization have been conducted on the components of SF6 relays in low-temperature environments.

The calibration device includes a constant temperature control box and a calibration platform, both of which can operate in extreme temperatures. The temperature range of the high and low-temperature control boxes can be controlled between -40°C and160°C, providing a stable environment for precise testing of SF6 relays. During the testing process, the control box and platform work together to adjust the air pressure and temperature, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the test data.

SF6 Relay Calibration Device Debugging Notes

When using the SF6 Relay Calibrator for device debugging, it is important to pay attention to key issues to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the tests.

Ensure the accuracy of pressure readings

During testing, pay special attention to whether the values on the SF6 relay match the pressure values collected by the system. For different issues such as changes in pipes, installation positions, etc., accuracy of readings can be improved by specific improvements to the piping, replacing mounting brackets, etc.

Ensure the accuracy of temperature readings

When testing SF6 relays in low-temperature environments, pay attention to temperature changes caused by SF6 gas liquefaction. By adjusting the position of the temperature sensor, away from the gas path, ensure that the actual environmental temperature matches the set temperature, increasing the accuracy of temperature readings.

SF6 Relay Calibrator with its advanced technical features, provides power workers with a more convenient and efficient solution for power testing. When facing the complexity and unpredictability of power systems, the SF6 Relay Calibrator demonstrates strong adaptability and reliability, injecting new vitality into the power industry.

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