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How Is the Lanso Automatic SF6 Density Relay Calibration Device?

SF6 switches are high-voltage electrical devices widely used in power systems, and their reliable operation has become one of the most concerning issues for electricity supply departments. The SF6 gas density relay is an important component used to monitor the density variations of SF6 gas within the SF6 switch during operation, and its performance directly affects the operational safety of the SF6 switch. In field operation, SF6 gas density relays often exhibit issues such as inflexible operation, poor contact, and deteriorating temperature compensation performance after a certain period of time, leading to false actions of the density relay when there are sudden changes in environmental temperature. Therefore, it is necessary for each SF6 switch user to regularly calibrate the SF6 gas density relays. Based on actual operating conditions, it is also essential to periodically calibrate the density relays and pressure gauges in field operation.

Overview of Lanso SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibrator

The Lanso density relay calibrator is an intelligent instrument used for calibrating SF6 gas density relays. It utilizes a high-precision pressure sensor and a high-speed A/D converter, combined with a 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, to accurately calibrate various SF6 gas density relays. It can measure the pressure value at the current temperature when the signal is activated, automatically convert the pressure to the standard pressure at 20°C for any ambient temperature, and has functions for printing, storing, and transferring data to a USB drive. It also automatically detects faults during the testing process. This product is characterized by its portability, simplicity of operation, high testing accuracy, strong stability, and reliability, reflecting the "intelligent" features of the instrument.

Features of SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibrator

The main functions of the instrument include measuring the alarm value, lockout value, alarm response value, and lockout response value of SF6 gas density relays. The measurement process can be performed with single lockout measurement or dual lockout measurement. Additionally, the instrument has functions for calibrating pressure gauges at room temperature and 20°C.

High testing accuracy

The core components use imported devices with high integration, high accuracy, good repeatability, and high reliability.

Highly intelligent

The calibration process does not require a constant temperature chamber and can be performed within any valid temperature range for calibrating SF6 gas density relays and pressure gauges. By utilizing a dynamic pressure and temperature compensation algorithm, it automatically measures pressure and converts it to an equivalent pressure value at 20°C, displaying the pressure at the current temperature and the equivalent pressure at 20°C. This effectively solves the challenges of on-site calibration for SF6 gas density relays.

Powerful functions

It can simultaneously test one group of alarm signals and two groups of lockout signals, and it has functions for calibrating pressure gauges at room temperature and 20°C.

User-friendly interface

Equipped with a large-screen Chinese LCD and a rotating mouse interface, the operation is simple, the interface is aesthetically pleasing, and all parameters and statuses are clear at a glance. The instrument automatically completes the testing process without manual intervention, avoiding cumbersome manual gas path adjustment operations.

Full compatibility with transition connectors

This product is a portable instrument equipped with various models of transition connectors. Most models of density relays for switches can be tested on-site without disassembly, making it the best choice for calibrating SF6 density relays.

Low gas consumption

The calibration process consumes very little gas, avoiding wastage of SF6 gas and resulting in low testing costs with no pollution.

Data storage support

The instrument has a built-in memory for instant storage of test results and features power-off data.

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