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What Is the Main Function of the SF6 Gas Laser Moisture Meter?

Laser Moisture Meter Technology Principles and Features

The SF6 gas laser moisture meter, as a critical online monitoring technology, utilizes the principle of laser absorption spectroscopy. Among them, the DPI-01 portable laser moisture meter is an innovative instrument specifically designed to detect trace moisture content in gas. By designing an infrared absorption spectrum based on the moisture in the gas, the instrument completes measurements within a wide temperature range, ensuring a high degree of measurement accuracy that meets the industry requirement of ±2PPM measurement accuracy. Unique circuit designs and algorithm processes eliminate errors caused by aging and drift, making frequent calibration a thing of the past.

The Key Role of SF6 Gas Laser Moisture Meter in Circuit Breaker Monitoring

The SF6 gas laser moisture meter is mainly used for online monitoring of the trace moisture content, temperature, and their trends in SF6 gas in circuit breakers. Once changes occur in the indicators within the SF6 gas, the instrument can generate a change curve and trigger an alarm or automatic alarm device when it reaches a dangerous level. The monitoring data is uploaded in real time to the superior monitoring host and management center station to ensure the safe operation of the equipment and substation system. Due to the widespread use of SF6 gas in high-voltage electrical equipment, this laser moisture meter has become a critical safety assurance tool.

Importance of SF6 Gas Density Trace Moisture Monitoring and Online Laser Moisture Meter Detection Technology

The importance of SF6 gas density trace moisture monitoring in high-voltage equipment cannot be ignored. Leaks and the simultaneous presence of external moisture could lead to a decrease in SF6 gas density and excessive moisture content, thereby jeopardizing the safe operation of the equipment. Density relays can indicate a drop in density caused by a leak by monitoring the changes in SF6 gas density in real time. When the density display is lower than the set alarm value, the density relay emits an alarm signal, prompting aeration operations to ensure the equipment continues to operate normally.

The operating principle and implementation method of the SF6 gas laser moisture meter are crucial. In SF6 gas insulated equipment, the density relay achieves an accurate evaluation of the equipment's insulation strength by monitoring the SF6 gas density value. When the density is constant, the breakdown strength of SF6 gas is independent of temperature; when the pressure is constant, the breakdown strength of SF6 gas decreases as the temperature rises. Through temperature compensation, the state of SF6 gas under various environmental temperatures can be accurately reflected, thereby avoiding misjudgments due to leakage and temperature changes.

In SF6 electrical equipment, the trace moisture content is a critical performance indicator. Exceeding the specified trace moisture content could cause equipment failure and even compromise personal safety. Humidity capacitive sensors with polymeric thin-film dielectric are widely used for online detection of SF6 gas trace moisture content in GIS/GCB enclosed electrical apparatus. The long-term stability and effectiveness of this technology make it an indispensable part of ensuring the safe operation of equipment.

In summary, the SF6 gas laser moisture meter, through advanced laser technology, achieves accurate monitoring of SF6 gas trace moisture content. In high-voltage electrical equipment, the application of this technology provides reliable protection for the safe operation of equipment, effectively prevents equipment failure due to leaks and humidity issues, and ensures the smooth operation of the power system.

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