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The Main Indicators and Use Conditions of the SF6 Relay Calibrator

SF6 electrical products have been widely used in power departments, industrial and mining enterprises, and have promoted the rapid development of the power industry. SF6 gas density relay is one of the key components of SF6 electrical switches. It is used to detect the change of SF6 gas density in the SF6 electrical equipment. Its performance directly affects the reliable and safe operation of SF6 electrical equipment.

The SF6 gas density relay installed in the field does not operate frequently. After a period of time, it often suffers from phenomena such as inflexible operation or poor contact of contacts. Sometimes the temperature compensation performance will deteriorate. When the ambient temperature changes, it is easy to cause wrong operations of SF6 gas density relay.

Each user unit of SF6 electrical switch shall check the SF6 relay regularly. Judging from the actual operating conditions, regular calibration of the on-site SF6 gas density relay is one of the necessary means to prevent problems before they occur and ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment.

In a sealed container, the pressure of SF6 gas at a certain temperature can represent the density of SF6 gas. In order to unify, it is customary to take the pressure of SF6 gas at 20°C as the representative value of its corresponding density. Therefore, all SF6 gas density relays use the pressure of SF6 gas at 20°C as the scale value. During on-site calibration, under different ambient temperatures, the measured pressure values must be converted to their corresponding standard pressure values at 20°C, so as to judge the performance of the SF6 gas density relay.

1. The main indicators of SF6 relay calibrator

(1) Power supply: Built-in 24V lithium battery for independent power supply, or external AC220V power supply.

(2) Measuring range: Pressure calibration range of 0 to 1Mpa; Temperature testing range of -40℃ to +125℃

(3) Accuracy: 0.25 level

(4) Resolution: Pressure display resolution is 0.001Mpa; temperature display resolution is 0.1℃.

(5) SF6 relay node calibration: single signal, single lock, double lock.

(6) The full-scale calibration time is ≤5min, and the air pressure rises and falls smoothly.

(7) Instrument weight: about 17KG.

(8) 7-inch large industrial-grade high-definition color touch screen.

(9) Ultra-large capacity memory card; the calibration data can be stored for life.

(10) It comes with a high-speed micro thermal printer, and the calibration result can be printed after the calibration.

(11) Built-in USB interface and expandable network port for easy data sharing.

2. Use conditions of SF6 relay calibrator

(1) Ambient temperature: -10℃ to +80℃;

(2) Relative humidity: below 95%;

(3) There is no large amount of corrosive gas around.

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