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Storage Transportation and FAQ of SF6 Density Relay Calibrator

SF6 relay calibrator adopts high-performance 16-bit single-chip computer for detection and control, with a high degree of integration. The integrated design of electromechanics, high precision, good repeatability and high reliability. Equipped with monochrome LCD screen and soft keyboard human-machine interface, simple operation, beautiful interface, all parameters and status at a glance. Automatic completion of pressure measurement and 20 ℃ value conversion, thus completing the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature, and display the pressure under the measured ambient temperature, the pressure under the ambient temperature at 20 ℃, the ambient temperature. Solve the problem of SF6 gas density relay field calibration is difficult.

Ⅰ. Storage and transportation of SF6 relay

SF6 relay calibrator is a precision electronic products, should be placed in the temperature -30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃, relative humidity does not exceed 90%, and the air does not contain enough to cause corrosion of the gas. The transportation of the calibrator should avoid violent vibration and impact, and prevent rain and snow wetting.

Ⅱ. FAQ about SF6 relay

1. Preparation work before the experiment

(1) Check whether the instrument battery is charged, it should be charged in time.

(2) Check the filter connector, is complete.

(3) check the gas pressure in the storage cylinder, insufficient to charge a good gas, can be SF6 or N2, inflation pressure ≤ 1.5MPa.

2. How to fill the gas storage cylinder? Fill to what extent is appropriate?

(1) the randomly assigned pressure reducing valve to the gas source cylinder, directly connected to the storage cylinder through the randomly assigned inflatable pipeline, slowly open the pressure reducing valve and begin to inflate, can be SF6, N2 and other gases.

(2) The pressure in the storage cylinder can generally be filled to 1.5MPa; filling a gas can do dozens of tests.

3. How to print the test results? Replace the printing paper and ribbon?

(1) print test results, you need to external AC power, in the history of direct printing can be.

(2) Print paper and ribbon are consumables for the printer, replace according to the use. The printer can directly replace the paper and ribbon at the panel. Replacement process, such as questions can be directly contacted with the manufacturer.

4. Is the test value of the instrument a relative pressure value? If the test absolute pressure value density relay?

The calibrator test pressure value is the relative pressure value, when the calibrated SF6 relay its alarm value, blocking value and pressure indication value with the absolute pressure value, the absolute pressure value should be subtracted from 0.1MPa into the relative pressure value.

5. How to charge the instrument? How to extend the battery life?

(1) SF6 relay instrument built-in charger, charging indicator and overcharge protection, through 220VAC ± 10%, the instrument is sufficient, the charging indicator goes out, the general battery is sufficient for more than 5 hours continuously.

(2) The battery is a chemical, when stored for a long time, it requires sufficient power, please charge the battery in time after use, otherwise it is very easy to cause the battery life to be greatly shortened.

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