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Lanso Konly Received Patent for Multi-point Laser Microwater

Lanso Konly (Shanghai) Instrument Co., Ltd. has just received patent paper from China Intellectual Property Bureau, on our proprietory "Multi-Point Laser Microwater Online Detection System".

Patent for Multi-point Laser Microwater

                                                                                                                        Patent No.:ZL 2012 1 0284260.7

This invention uses the method of spectral absorption, directly detects the water molecule content in the SF6 gas by the optical fiber sensor, and a special displacement air circuit is designed to detect the micro-moisture without discharging the SF6 gas. The invention has the benefits of higher precision, zero pollution, not susceptible to infrared radiation, not affected by electromagnetic interference, good insulation properties, safe performance, more accurate detection, lower cost and more convenient maintenance. Can be used for daily maintenance testing, and also for the calibration of dew point sensor, especially for the power system, for the production of SF6 electrical products, providing convenience and safety.

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