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What Are the Components of SF6 Relay?

1. The composition of SF6 relay

SF6 relay is an important protection and control component in the power system. The failure of the circuit breaker will cause great economic losses. To ensure the reliability of the circuit breaker operation, it is necessary to frequently monitor the indicators of the circuit breaker, especially the SF6 monitor, which must meet the requirements of relevant standards to keep the circuit breaker in good working condition for a long time.

The SF6 relay is composed of an indicator and a contact mechanical device. The indicator is used to indicate the pressure of the insulating gas inside the power equipment. When an abnormal pressure is generated or the gas pressure reaches the set value, the contact mechanical device can switch on or disconnect the circuit to control different electrical components, such as alarms and control relays.

2. Cautions for SF6 relay

When calibrate the circuit breaker density meter or density relay, use the instrument to automatically convert the SF6 gas pressure value at 20°C, display the density value at various temperatures and pressures, and compare with the various pressures simulated by the instrument to observe the contact status. If the SF6 relay is in good condition, it can signal or lock the circuit breaker within the specified value of low voltage.

The SF6 relay can accurately measure the density or pressure of SF6 gas only after the temperature inside and outside the circuit breaker reaches equilibrium. When the circuit breaker is in operation, the error range of the density meter reading depends on the temperature range of the load current and loop resistance of the circuit breaker.

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