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Monitoring Technology of SF6 Mixed Gas Density Based on Different Principles

With the continuous development of social economy, people from all walks of life attach great importance to the monitoring technology analysis of SF6 mixed gas density based on different principles. Under the background of the information age, when the content of water in SF6 gas is too high, there will be safety risks in the operation of high-voltage electrical equipment. The main performance is that the decomposition of SF6 gas under the action of electric arc will have a chemical reaction when it meets water, resulting in strong corrosion and damage to insulation parts, and the leakage with SF6 gas will endanger human health. It also increases the greenhouse effect in the environment. When the temperature decreases, the water vapor in SF6 may form condensation, which significantly reduces the insulation strength on the surface of the insulation parts and even causes flashover. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment, the quality supervision and management of SF6 gas must be carried out to provide strong support for the research of circuit breaker of SF6 gas density meter.

1. Monitoring method of SF6 gas density meter 

In actual engineering, SF6 gas density is difficult to be directly monitored, and the pressure is always detected. But even so, when the density is at the same stage, the pressure of SF6 gas will change with the constant change of external temperature. Therefore, in order to accurately reflect the pressure changes, the relevant personnel must take a reasonable way, so that the pressure instrument will not change with the external temperature change, the standard pressure is always constant at 20 degrees, and the pressure standard value is regarded as the reference value of SF6 gas density value. From the above data analysis, the online monitoring system of gas density meter is mainly composed of two pressure characteristic quantities and temperature, and the two characteristic quantities should be modified in time to truly realize the online monitoring function. Usually, SF6 gas state parameter equation is used as the main way to modify the calculation formula.

2. Online monitoring method of gas moisture content of SF6 gas density meter   

SF6 gas moisture content online monitoring system is used to monitor the SF6 gas density, temperature, pressure, humidity in the gas chamber. By collecting and processing the temperature, pressure and humidity of SF6 gas in the air chamber, the data of density, temperature, pressure and humidity can be uploaded in real time, so as to realize online monitoring.

3. Hardware facilities of online gas parameter monitoring system of SF6 gas density meter 

Gas density meter gas parameter monitoring system is composed of PC and SF6 gas parameter monitoring equipment. PC, as a receiver, can receive each SF6 data information, responsible for the SF6 gas data monitoring and control of the whole station. The bus is responsible for transmission and control of SF6 gas data and PC data. The data acquisition module is composed of conversion chip and sensor. The data processing module is DSP; Data transmission module is composed of the serial communication driver chip; The auxiliary function module is composed of display circuit, power circuit, lock, alarm and so on.

In summary, the above is the online gas density and moisture content monitoring method of circuit breaker of SF6 gas density meter. The hardware of the monitoring system is analyzed in detail. It has the characteristics of strong processing capacity, real-time monitoring and high accuracy. And because the chip has huge data resources, to some extent, it gives full play to its powerful digital signal processing ability, and improves the speed and accuracy. In addition, the rich on-chip resources effectively simplify the design complexity, enhance the electromagnetic compatibility of the system, increase the security and reliability of the system, control the system operating costs, and provide strong support for the sustainable development of the system.

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