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Precautions for Field Test of SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibrator

Ⅰ. What are the precautions for the field test of SF6 density relay calibrator?

SF6 gas density relay calibrator is an intelligent SF6 gas density relay calibrator. The calibrator uses an embedded microprocessor, which can perform performance verification on various SF6 gas density relays, and perform standard conversion on the pressure of SF6 gas at any ambient temperature.

Mainly used for production, maintenance and monitoring of SF6 gas products. It is especially suitable for power system and provides convenience for the production, safe operation, pre-test and maintenance of SF6 electrical products.

When we use SF6 gas density relay calibrator for field test, in order to ensure the normal operation of the test, we need to pay attention to the following matters:

1. Bring a toolbox before going to the site, first check the nitrogen gas storage of the small gas cylinder in the toolbox, and bring all transition joints and tools for switches.

2. The corresponding alarm signal line and blocking signal line on the terminal block should be disconnected from the terminal block to prevent the secondary circuit and the signal line from forming a circuit and affecting the test.

3. The SF6 density relay to be verified cannot be placed flat, but must be placed upright, otherwise the verification of the SF6 density relay will be inaccurate.

4. The density relay should not vibrate too much during the verification process.

5. Follow the prompts when using gas cylinders.

Ⅱ. Functional characteristics of SF6 micro-water gas density online monitoring system

The SF6 micro-water density online monitoring system is mainly composed of a collector and a background. The collector is installed at the air supply port of the GIS body, and then connected to the upper part of the body through a stainless steel pipe, and the internal circulation of SF6 is realized by the promotion of the air pump.

After collecting the internal real-time dew point, pressure, temperature and other parameters, the collector provides the standard dew point, density and other data under normal temperature and pressure to the outside through processing, and provides it to the upper computer in the 458 mode to realize the original collection and processing of intelligent integration.

1. No emission, environmental protection, economical, safe and reliable.

2. On-line monitoring of micro water, gas density, temperature and other parameters in SF6 circuit breakers or combined electrical appliances.

3. Realize the pressure and temperature compensation of micro water and the temperature compensation of density, so that the data of micro water and density are true and reliable.

4. Put into operation and exit without affecting the state of the main equipment, and do not affect the working conditions of the main equipment.

5. The internal circulation technology is used internally to greatly improve the sampling accuracy and automatically calibrate the sensor.

6. Built-in SF6 density relay passive output, which can set the dynamic point value of blocking/alarm/overpressure.

7. Fully enclosed design, waterproof and dustproof, anti-high frequency interference, suitable for indoor and outdoor.

8. A variety of valve joints, easy installation and disassembly, saving maintenance costs.

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