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Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge

Liquid-filled pressure gauges are used to measure the medium pressure under vibrating circumstances.  This design will not only reduce the vibration but also extend the life of the pressure gauges.

Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge List

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FAQ of Liquid-Filled Pressure Gauge

What are liquid filled gauges used for?

Liquid-filled gauges which are different from liquid pressure measuring instruments, are used to damp vibrations and pulsations and minimize their effect on the gauge dial pointer. They are used primarily in dynamic and rugged applications where sudden shocks or pressure spikes might occur.

Do liquid filled pressure gauges freeze?

The liquid does not freeze. Just like the liquid in a bubble level. Although liquid filled gauges are generally filled by glycerin. While pure glycerin freezes at a relatively high temperature, the glycerin/water mixture in a gauge freezes at a seriously low temperature (below -40 degrees).

Are liquid filled gauges better?

Liquid-filled Gauges Longer Lifetimes and Greater Accuracy. Liquid-filled gauges are generally preferred over dry gauges for two reasons: performance and ROI. Liquid-filled gauges are filled with a liquid, usually glycerin or silicone oil and are designed to perform optimally in less-than-ideal conditions. LANSO liquid-filled gauges include 300 psi liquid-filled pressure gauge, 200 psi liquid-filled pressure gauge, 5000 psi liquid-filled pressure gauge and so on

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