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Lanso Pressure Measurement Instrument

Our current line of an instrument used to measure pressure features Gas Density Monitor Series, Pressure Gauges and Meters, Differential Gauges, Diaphragms and Valves, Online Monitoring Systems, Filling Fluids and Accessories. Primary clients industries include electrical power systems, biotechnology & pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

Different Types Pressure Measuring Instruments

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Lanso can provide profession pressure instruments solutions for our clients.
Professinal Approach
Our current pressure instruments line features Gas Density Monitor Series, pressure gauges and meters, Differential Gauges.
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Lanso owns an expert R&D team and we are still keeping developing our technologies to improve the quality of our pressure instruments.
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FAQ of Measuring Instruments for Pressure

Are the measuring results affected by altitude? +

If the instrument is not sealed, the pressure differences of the media and environment are measured by the instrument for measuring pressure, and are not affected by altitude; if the instrument is hermetically sealed, the pressure differences of the media and sealing space inside the instrument are measured by the instrument, and are affected by altitude.

What effect does pressure fluctuation have on the instrument? How to solve? +

If the media pressure fluctuates, the measuring results of the instrument used for pressure measurement fluctuate and are unstable and difficult to read; a damper can be additionally mounted to keep the instrument pressure stable.

Why is the differential pressure gauge equipped with a valve group? +

The valve group can fill low-pressure gas at both ends of the differential pressure gauge, and fill high-pressure gas at the high-pressure side, which can prevent unilateral overpressure load during the start-up and operation of the instrument. Besides, zero check can also be carried out when the measuring instrument of pressure is running.  

Which instruments are additionally mounted with the diaphragm system? +

Almost all instruments and transmitters can be additionally mounted with diaphragm system.  Additional diaphragm system can be selected according to the actual use.

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