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Composition of the Online Monitoring System for SF6 Micro-water Density

The online monitoring system of SF6 micro-water density adopts the latest remote sensing technology and background computer technology. It has a small appearance and can realize functions such as high-precision measurement, computer background processing, and massive historical data storage.

It is suitable for online measurement of micro water, pressure and temperature of SF6 density of gas in SF6 circuit breakers of various voltage levels, GIS, AIS and other equipment.

It can realize advanced dynamic monitoring such as emission-free, environmental protection, safety, real-time, remote, etc., to meet the needs of power distribution network automation and equipment condition maintenance, and to reserve interfaces for the intelligent construction of power grids.

In order to better use the micro-water SF6 density monitor, we must first understand the composition of the device. The SF6 micro-water density online monitoring system consists of a host computer, an acquisition unit, background software and extension components.

The host and the acquisition unit are connected by cables. The acquisition unit is connected to the monitored equipment through a three-way valve, and at the same time it provides an air supply port for the equipment. The sampling pool inside the acquisition unit also adopts the internal circulation technology, which can measure the related parameters of SF6 in real time, such as micro water, pressure and temperature, and realize real-time display and communication and data exchange with the host.

After extracting the data of each acquisition unit respectively, the host uploads the data to the background computer for processing, and can accept the instructions from the background to realize real-time sampling and other actions.

Ⅰ. Mainframe of SF6 density monitor system

The system host is used for on-site data collection and recording. Using color TFT liquid crystal display, the handwriting is clear at a glance, and it can display the moisture, temperature, pressure and other contents of SF6 gas in the field switches A, B, and C. The threshold can be preset to output alarm and blocking signals, and data communication with the background can be carried out.

Ⅱ. Collection unit of SF6 density monitor

The SF6 acquisition unit is an intelligent integrated type, the internal sampling pool can be circulated according to requirements during operation, and the body is connected to the monitored equipment through a dedicated SF6 valve.

At the same time, the body provides an air supply interface to keep the equipment interface unchanged. The acquisition unit can measure the relative parameters of SF6 density of gas, micro water, pressure and temperature in the device in real time, and transmit it to the system host or background computer through the communication module.

Ⅲ. Background software of SF6 density monitor 

After the system host analyzes the collected data, it uses the remote control and telemetry function to draw a state change trend diagram in the mass storage data center. Monitoring data can also be uploaded to substations, city centers and even higher-level monitoring centers in real time to truly realize the construction of smart grid infrastructure.

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