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What Is the Important Role of SF6 Laser Moisture Meter?

To understand the important role of SF6laser moisture meter, it is necessary to first understand what SF6 is. SF6 is an insulating gas widely used in the field of high voltage and ultra high voltage, replacing almost all other insulating media, and therefore has a wide range of applications. The role of SF6 hygrometer is to detect the moisture content, i.e. humidity, in SF6 gas.

Characteristics and problems of SF6

SF6, as an insulating medium, is closely related to gas humidity. Under the action of arc corona, SF6 reacts with water to produce strong corrosive substances HF and highly toxic fluorides, which may pose a threat to the safety of equipment and personnel and even cause explosion accidents. When the humidity of SF6 gas is too high, there may be liquid moisture on the surface of the insulator, which leads to a decrease in discharge voltage on the surface of the insulator, and then the insulation level of the equipment is reduced. Therefore, content detection and moisture control are crucial to ensure the safe power supply and water supply of the equipment.

The function of SF6 laser moisture meter

The SF6 laser moisture meter adopts imported humidity sensor, with the characteristics of accurate full-scale measurement, good long-term stability, and good reproducibility. Through laser absorption spectroscopy technology, the instrument can measure water content in the range of -60 to -20 ℃, and ensure a measurement accuracy of ±2 PPM throughout the full range. The temperature value measured by the temperature sensor is compensated through special circuit design and algorithm processing, effectively eliminating the detection errors caused by aging and drift without frequent calibration.

The advantages of DPI-01 laser moisture meter

The DPI-01 portable laser moisture meter developed by our company is a portable instrument based on laser absorption spectroscopy technology, used for measuring trace moisture content in gases. The instrument is not affected by dust particles and contamination by various chemical substances, and is widely applicable in industries such as power, chemical, aviation, metallurgy, medicine, and food. It has the advantages of short measurement time, resistance to pollution, small size, light weight, and easy to use, making it a very practical SF6 hygrometer.

In conclusion, SF6 laser moisture meter plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining equipment safety and performance. By monitoring the moisture content in SF6 gas in real time, corrosion caused by moisture and insulation degradation can be effectively prevented, ensuring long-term, stable, and safe operation of the equipment. Choosing a high-quality SF6 laser moisture meter is a wise choice for industries such as power and chemical in maintaining equipment health.

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