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Use Skills of SF6 Relay Calibrator

For SF6 relay calibrator, we still need to strictly follow the operation instructions in the process of use, so that we can have more security guarantee in the process of using the equipment. Then what problems should users pay special attention to in the process of using SF6 relay calibrator? The following points are summarized for you and as a reminder. We hope you pay careful attention to these problems before using.

First, when using the calibrator to calibrate SF6 gas density relay on site, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply and devices connected to the density relay first, so as not to cause damage to the calibrator.

Second, the density relay and the calibrator must be in the same environment to ensure the same temperature and humidity, so as to avoid the difference between the two due to the difference in ambient temperature, so as to ensure the accuracy of the calibration.

Thirdly, in the process of calibration, we need to check whether the corresponding alarm signal line and locking signal line on the terminal block of SF6 relay calibrator are disconnected from the terminal block. We must ensure that they are disconnected, so as to prevent the secondary loop of the calibrator from forming a loop with the signal line, which may affect the calibration result.
Fourthly, it is necessary to ensure that the density relay to be checked is placed upright rather than lying down in the calibration process, so as to avoid inaccurate calibration results due to placement differences.

Fifth, after the completion of the calibration test, it is necessary to ensure that the residual gas in the pipeline is discharged before pulling out the gas pipe. This is to avoid safety problems caused by residual gases.

Sixth, the fast exhaust port of SF6 relay calibrator is forbidden to be used in the test process, so as to avoid wasting the gas in the air source.

Seventh, it is forbidden to vibrate the instrument during the calibration test, so as not to cause inaccurate calibration results.

Eighth, in terms of the storage of the calibration device, the calibration device belongs to precision electronic products, so it should be placed in the temperature of -20 to 70℃, the relative humidity is not more than 90%, and it should not be exposed to the air containing gas that can cause corrosion. This is to maintain the calibrator, and good maintenance can prolong the service life of the calibrator.

Ninth, SF6 relay calibration device should avoid violent vibration and impact during transportation, and prevent rain and snow immersion. This is to prevent the calibrator from causing damage due to the problem.

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