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Function Features of SF6 Relay Calibrator

Ⅰ. SF6 relay calibrator


The main function of SF6 relay is to monitor the change of SF6 gas density in SF6 switch body during operation, so as to provide judgment on whether the operation of SF6 switch is safe.


SF6 relay calibrator is intelligent. SF6 relay calibrator adopts high pressure sensor and high speed A/D converter, combined with high performance microprocessor, which can check the performance of various SF6 relays, can accurately measure the pressure value at the current temperature when the signal is acting, and automatically complete the standard pressure conversion at 20℃ at any ambient temperature. It is easy to carry, simple to opera, with high precision, stability and reliability.


Ⅱ. SF6 relay calibrator function characteristics

ⅰ. SF6 relay calibrator adopts high-speed signal processing chip for detection and control, with high integration degree. It uses mechatronics design, and with high precision, good repeatability, high reliability.


ⅱ. It is equipped with a large LCD screen and rotating mouse man-machine interface. It is  simple to operate, and with beautiful interface, all parameters and status are clear at a glance.


ⅲ. It can automatically complete the pressure measurement and 20℃ value conversion, so as to complete the dynamic automatic compensation between pressure and temperature. It also shows the pressure at the measured ambient temperature, the pressure at the ambient temperature at 20℃ and the ambient temperature. The problem of SF6 gas density relay calibration is solved completely.


ⅳ. All the testing process is completed automatically by the instrument, without manual intervention, which avoid the tedious artificial air path adjustment operation.


ⅴ. The test results can be show as form printing, and with intelligent analysis.


ⅵ. It can store 50 groups of test results at the same time, can protect data when power off, can query and print the previous test results at any time.


ⅶ. No constant greenhouse is needed in the calibration process. SF6 gas density relay and pressure gauge can be calibrated in any effective temperature range.


ⅷ. SF6 relay calibrator is equipped with a variety of models of transition joints. Most types of switch density relay can be on-site calibration without disassembly.


ⅷ. The calibration process will do not waste SF6 gas, which will have the low cost, and no pollution to the environment.

ⅹ. The system clock can be modified online.


ⅹⅰ. The system pressure can be modified correctly on site.


ⅹⅱ. The core components are imported components, with reliable performance.


ⅹⅲ. It can simultaneously test a group of alarm signal, two groups of locking signal.


ⅹⅳ. It is easy to use and reliable, and it is the best choice of SF6 relay calibration.

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