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Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

Diaphragm pressure gauges are mainly used to measure the pressure of special media such as high-viscosity media, granular media, crystallizable media and easy-to-solidification media.  

They can measure various corrosive media using the flanges and isolation diaphragms of different structures, suitable for sanitation systems (without out-of-sight corners and residues), etc.

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FAQ of Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

Why are different filling fluids filled into diaphragm pressure gauges?

The filling liquid is selected according to the temperature of measuring media, the ambient temperature of the instrument and "no harm" requirements for filling liquid. 

How to improve the accuracy and temperature performance of diaphragm pressure gauges?

Please choose the flanges with large specifications (i.e., large diameter) at the low range for better accuracy and temperature performance of the diaphragm seal type pressure gauge.  

Precautions for cleaning of diaphragm pressure gauge

When the diaphragm pressure gauges are cleaned, only flush the diaphragm area, and do not contact the diaphragms with hard objects, and prevent the diaphragms from being damaged. 

How does a diaphragm pressure gauge work?

The measured media are separated from the measuring system by using the diaphragm. After the diaphragm senses the pressure of the measured media, the diaphragm conveys the pressure to the Bourdon tube depending on the filling liquid of which the measuring system is full, so that the end of the Bourdon tube moves due to elastic deformation. Through transmission and amplification of the mechanical transmission mechanism (connecting rod and movement), the pointer turns on the dial to indicate the corresponding readings. 

How to install a diaphragm pressure gauge if the field space is limited?

Diaphragm pressure gauges can pass through a capillary so that the measuring instruments and flanges are installed at different positions. 

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