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Introduction to SF6 Gas Density Relay Calibrator Overview and Features

Ⅰ. Overview of SF6 Density Relay Verification Instrument 

The SF6 Density Relay Verification Instrument is an intelligent, fully automatic device for verifying SF6 gas density relays. The instrument uses single-cycle instruction microcomputer technology, with a running speed 20 times faster than a regular single-chip microcomputer, and is capable of on-site verification of both pointer-type contact output and intelligent current output SF6 density relays. It uses interrupt mode to capture the action of the density relay in real-time, making the measurements more accurate and timely. This instrument is a portable verification tool that can convert the pressure of SF6 gas into standard units at any ambient temperature. It can also be used to verify SF6 density and pressure gauges.

In a closed container, the pressure of SF6 gas at a certain temperature can represent the density of SF6 gas. Typically, the SF6 gas pressure at 20°C is used as the standard value. During on-site verification, the pressure measured at different ambient temperatures must be converted into its corresponding pressure at 20°C to evaluate the performance of the SF6 density relay.

Ⅱ. Key Features of SF6 Density Relay Verification Instrument

1. The instrument uses a modular hybrid single-cycle high-speed single-chip microcomputer as its core, with abundant resources, powerful functions, and strong data processing capabilities. Its internal integration of A/D, D/A, reference voltage, and analog amplification simplifies peripheral circuits, resulting in good stability and high accuracy.

2. The SF6 Density Relay Verification Instrument can automatically verify both pointer-type and electronic density relays.

3. The initial states of contacts for 1-3 groups of SF6 density relays can be any form (normally open or normally closed), and the response and recovery values of 1-3 groups of contacts can be measured simultaneously. Therefore, this instrument can adapt to the fully automatic verification of all types of old and new density relays.

4. The instrument uses a large color LCD display, capacitive touch operation, and a Chinese character interface for easy and convenient use.

5. During measurement, the instrument displays the current pressure, corresponding pressure at 20°C, and ambient temperature simultaneously, solving the problem of on-site verification of SF6 density relays.

6. The testing process is automatic, avoiding errors caused by human factors.

7. All instrument pipelines use imported quick-connect fittings for convenient connection and low air leakage rate.

8. The instrument has a clock function and can be calibrated at any time.

9. The instrument has a self-calibration function. After long-term use, the instrument can be calibrated and corrected to ensure the accuracy of the instrument's verification.

10. The instrument uses high-precision pressure sensors and world-leading magnetic fluid technology products.

11. The instrument is equipped with various types of switch transition joints, and most switches can be verified without disassembly.

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