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SF6 Relay On-Site Verification Safety Measures

How to ensure the safety of on-site verification of SF6 Relay?

To ensure the safety of the verification work, the following safety measures should be taken during on-site verification of SF6 Relay:

  • Verify the SF6 Relay when the SF6 electrical equipment is not in use.

  • Check the gas path structure of the SF6 Relay on site, and determine the isolation method between the SF6 Relay and the main body of the SF6 electrical equipment.

  • Process work orders, strengthen monitoring of SF6 gas leaks.

  • Close the isolation valve for the SF6 relay with isolation valve in the gas path. Use a dedicated calibration hose to connect the calibration device to the gas supply port of the SF6 electrical equipment and pressurize it.

  • When it is confirmed that there is no leakage between the calibration device of the SF6 Relay and the SF6 electrical equipment, open the instrument valve for calibration.

  • Remove the SF6 Relay with self-sealing valve. The self-sealing valve of the SF6 electrical equipment automatically closes the joint, no leakage of gas.

  • During the verification of the SF6 Relay, perform alarm and interlock circuit action check tests.

  • During calibration, personnel should wear rubber protective gloves. In enclosed SF6 electrical rooms, wear a gas mask.

  • Strengthen training for test personnel, understand the construction principle and basic calibration methods of SF6 Relay.

The Importance of Checking SF6 Relay

The calibration of the SF6 Relay is a very important task, directly related to the safe and stable operation of SF6 high-voltage equipment.

During the inspection process, it was found that most manufacturers do not have a valve to close the SF6 gas between the main body gas chamber and the density relay. It can only be done through the check valve at the bottom of the main chamber.

When checking, it must be disconnected from the check valve, which is cumbersome and prone to leaks. This can cause other gases to enter, affecting the purity of SF6 gas and wasting SF6 gas.

It is recommended to modify this type of circuit breaker, install a valve for easier checking of the SF6 Relay, and also facilitate maintenance of this gas pipeline. It is also recommended to strengthen the management of SF6 gas relays, ensuring regular calibration.

Equip with advanced testing equipment, prepare an appropriate number of density relays as spare parts, and promptly identify and replace any substandard products. Strengthen the appropriate quantity of density relays as spare parts, and promptly identify and replace any substandard products.

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