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DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

These instruments are used to monitor the density of SF6 gas in sealed tanks. They are applied to indicate the gas density and reliably output SF6 gas density signal for remote monitoring. They can be widely used in monitoring medium voltage system. They can provide multiple solutions to support new substations and the intelligent transformation of existing substations.
DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor
  • DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor
  • DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor 1
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Drawing of DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

drawing of dm60r remote transmission density monitor

Application of DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

  • SF6 gas Insulated RMU

  • SF6 gas Insulated Switchgear

Feature of DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

  • The temperature compensation device ensures higher measurement accuracy.

  • The RS485 remote function ensures remote monitoring

  • The DM60R gas density meter is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

  • AISI 304 hermetically sealed stainless steel case

  • Gas connection tubes are made of AISI 316 stainless steel

  • The on-screen display value and output signals are independent of the impact of external environment, such as altitude.

Technical Data of DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

Case diameter:Φ64mm
Case material:Stainless steel
Scale range:1.0 to 2bar abs
Accuracy:Class  1.0 or 1.5 at20°C; class 2.5 at-40°C to+ 60°C
Ambient conditions:-40°C to +60°C, relative humidity ≤ 95%RH
Degree of protection:IP65
Leakage rate:≤1 × 10-9 Pa·m3/s (Helium leakage inspection)
Contact type:Magnetic snap-action switch (Maximum two groups, normally open or normally closed,customized by 3 groups according to users' needs)
Pressure connection:M24×1.5 (customizable)
Installation method:radial or axial
Insulation properties:
Insulation resistance:>100 MW (500 V DC)
Withstand voltage:2kV, 50/60 Hz 1 min
Contact electrical parameters:Power: 30VA
Maximum operating voltage:380V
Maximum current:1A
Pressure element:European bourdon tubes

Main electrical performance indicators and specifications of the remote transmission part

Power supply:DC  24V
Power consumption:< 2W
Communication mode:RS485
Protocol:ModBus RTU
Protocol:ModBus RTU
Baud rate:9600bps

Anti-electromagnetic interference

IEC61000-4-2:level 4 (15kV)
IEC61000-4-3:level 3 (10V / m)
IEC61000-4-4:level 4 (4kV)
IEC61000-4-5:level 3 (+/- 2kV)
IEC61000-4-6:level 3 (10V)
IEC61000-4-8:level 5 (100A / m)

Options of DM60R Remote-Transmission Density Monitor

  • Measuring range

  • Ambient condition

  • Outlet Direction and cable length

  • Installation method

  • Suitable for High-altitude environment

  • Can detect SF6, Air, N2, SF6 + N2 and other gases

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